Major Decision? Don’t Be Rushed

Important decisions require time and thought.

As obvious as that statement is, however, too often we feel pressured to decide quickly:

“Go ahead and sign; reading through the contract will take forever,”


tide coast rocks ocean coast seaside passage steve henderson art painting

Sometimes, you can walk through these rocks without getting your feet wet. Other times, you don’t even step in. Circumstances ebb and flow with the tide. Passage, art print from Steve Henderson Collections.

“I can’t promise that this product (or opportunity) will be here much longer. Others are interested. Very interested.”

And then again, there’s always,

“This is the LAST one in stock! If you want it, you’ve got to decide NOW.”

In a “land of opportunities,” we live, timorously, under the mistaken notion that these opportunities are fleeting, random, capricious. If we don’t decide now, and decide right, then our entire life — which could have gone in one direction — will veer off the tracks, and we will be stranded.

But we’re not trains, stuck to one track. We are intelligent humans, walking forth with many paths branching off in many directions. And these paths themselves change with time and the tides.

The artwork, Passage, shows us one of these paths. At the moment, we are standing at the beach, in between tides. During very low tides, there is no water in this passage at all, and one can walk through and examine the starfish and anemones, the little crabs and the mollusks. It’s a magical place to be.

But at high tide, one can’t get even this close, and it looks as if there is no space between the rocks at all. Inundated by water, only their tops peek out. Birds land at the crest, where they are splashed and battered by crashing waves.

Each time shows us a different perspective, and what we are able to do at each one of those times differs. But here’s the important part: if we miss low tide, it will be back sometime within (roughly) 12 hours: maybe not quite as low, or maybe even lower. It will be different, but it will still exist in some form.

If we miss high tide, it will be back — not quite like the one we missed, but it will still be high tide.

It’s a matter of waiting, actually, as opposed to jumping in.

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Carolyn Henderson is the marketing manager of Steve Henderson Fine Art. She writes about life, art, and the art of life.
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