Don’t Despair. But Do, Do Think

It’s okay to feel irritated. These aren’t so much “unprecedented times” as they are alarming ones. You know, for freedom; human dignity; the right to choose what we do and do not inject into our bodies; the ability to move about freely; any sort of truthfulness from mainstream news and its partners, government and bloated corporations, that kind of stuff.

It’s understandable if you feel grumpy, out of sorts, worried about the future, frustrated with the almost hypnotic state of acquiescence and obedience that too many people seem to be in, and the push me/pull me of the “news” that catapults us from one (we suspect, manufactured) crisis to another.

“I’d really just like to live my life unassaulted, uncontrolled, unassailed, unprovoked, and un-ruled by a class of people in power who appear to have no conscience or any brakes on their desire for money and more power,” you find yourself murmuring.

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Cerebration is the act of deeply and intensely thinking, of mulling over an issue or a problem. It is something worthy spending time on, as opposed to listening to the mainstream news and living in a constant state of fear, anxiety, and trepidation. Cerebration, the artwork by Steve Henderson, is available as a print at this link.

Of course, if you’re not murmuring this and you’re just fine with mandates on the fly, then by all means move on to some other blog post. You’ll get just as irritated with me as I would no doubt with you.

But if you are murmuring, I’d like to encourage you to close your eyes, take a deep breath, and cerebrate. Yes, cerebrate. It means to deeply and intensely think, to use the power of reason to process a matter, an issue, a situation, which is crucial for all of us to do, as opposed to residing in a hypnotic state of acquiescence and obedience while we tonelessly repeat, “These are unprecedented times.”

The artwork, Cerebration, takes us to a place of calmness and quietude where a young woman – with no phone, no TV, no screen in sight – relaxes into a state of deep thought. She is not in despair, and while she may be internally overwhelmed by all that is going on outside of that room, she is strong and determined, unwilling to fall gently into that night of darkness that those people in power who have no conscience seem determined to push us into.

Cerebrate. It’s what free people do.

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All of the artwork in my blogs is by my husband, fine artist Steve Henderson. He creates work that celebrates joy and goodness, freedom and thinking. You can find his prints at or

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