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“People Can Be So Unkind!”

It’s the small things in life that add up to make the big ones. Leaving little compliments and happy thoughts strewn about not only improves the lives of those around us, but ours as well, directing our thoughts toward calmer pastures and away from the many and sundry distressing elements of day to day life.

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Impatience Is Its Own Virtue

Patience is a virtue, but impatience is n unusual, quirky, difficult-to-control gift. Continue reading

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Joie de Vivre is Bittersweet

I would say that this Empty Nest thing is not all it’s cracked up to be, but from what I’ve heard and read, it’s generally a bittersweet thing, so yes, it is what it’s cracked up to be. Continue reading

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Is Common Courtesy Still Common?

The other day I was at a small business, attempting to pay for my purchase. I say “attempting” because, even though I was at the front counter . . . checkbook to the ready the sales associate was so deep in conversation with her granddaughter that I was an obvious nuisance. Continue reading

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