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Arizona Memories

The story of the painting, Arizona Memories, by Steve Henderson at Steve Henderson Fine Art. Childhood memories are ethereal, and while firmly and solidly entrenched in the mind of the person who lived them, they are difficult to communicate, visually, … Continue reading

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“I Like to Sleep in on Sunday!”

If you want to get into a brisk, quickly-degenerating-into-anger, discussion, announce to a fundamentally Christian religious group at large, “I like to sleep in on Sunday! “God calls it a day of rest — and that’s what I do. I … Continue reading

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Fomenting Hate Divides Us — and Divided, We Are Weak

“From now on, five in one household will be divided, three against two and two against three.”¬†(Luke 12:52) I was chatting with a Millennial the other day. Millennials, if you haven’t noticed, are popular in corporatized America. This¬†group of people … Continue reading

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