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Click on the image to see The Misfit Christian on

The Misfit Christian: Empowering the Believers and Seekers Who Don’t Fit into Contemporary Church  — Written for the serious, seeking Christian who feels out of step with the contemporary church environment. Whether you decide to stay in the system and make your voice heard, or whether you choose to leave and find fellowship and meaning elsewhere, this book of short, bloggy essays is designed to encourage you in your journey and in your life. Available as paperback and digital book at

Click on the image to see Live Happily on Less at

Live Happily on Less: 52 Ways to Renovate Your Life and Lifestyle — We own our home, land, and car, and we did it on one extremely moderate income. While we’d like to think that we’re amazing indeed, we’re really just ordinary people, and the lifestyle tips given in this book are those that ordinary people can do without making significantly weird changes to the way they think. This economy isn’t getting any better, folks, and instead of worrying about how to constantly make more, why not do better with what you already have? Paperback and digital at

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Grammar Despair: Quick, simple solutions to problems like, “Do I say Him and Me or He and I?” — You don’t have to be an expert on grammar to write well, and nobody wants to wade through a grammar book; they want quick, simple solutions and that’s what Grammar Despair provides, addressing the common problems that plague even the best of problems, and giving easy, usable answers so that you can be on your way writing whatever it is you’re in the middle of writing. Paperback and digital at

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