When Is the Last Time You Were You?

Too often, when we catch sight of ourselves in the mirror we don’t like what we see.

“I look old. Crow feet around my eyes; wrinkles on my forehead..”

“God, I’m fat.”

“What a big nose I have.”

What we mean, really, is, “I don’t look like the Botoxed, air-brushed, Photo-shopped, digitally filtered, half-starved celebrities that are pushed in front of my face everywhere I go.”

Of course we don’t, because most of us aren’t Botoxed, air-brushed, Photo-shopped, half-starved celebrities, although it is true that thanks to magic digital filter fakeys on Facebook, we ordinaries can manage to fool people who don’t know us or haven’t seen us in the last week.

But is that us, really?

When we look in the mirror, what are we looking to see? Looking Glass Girl, art print by Steve Henderson, available at this link.

In the artwork, Looking Glass Girl, a young woman stops in the midst of getting ready for an evening out to look at herself in the mirror. But she neither critiques her personal appearance nor laments that she doesn’t look like the promoted pop icon of the day.

Her head is tilted, her stance thoughtful, because she is deeply concentrating on the question,

“Who AM I?”

And that, if we are going to critique ourselves in the mirror, is a very good question to ask.

Who am I, really? When I’m all by myself, TV off, phone put away, and somehow able to disengage my thoughts from the propaganda pouring from that TV and phone, what do I think, how do I act, how do I hold myself, walk, smile, stand, move? Even chew my food?

And then, when I go out in public, do I maintain that person, or do I put on a mask, an act, a show in which I — consciously or unconsciously — imitate one of those Botoxed, air-brushed, Photo-shopped, half-starved celebrities who “sing,” “act,” “write children’s books,” “advocate,” “speak,” “represent the constituency,” read off a teleprompter, or perform in some fashion?

That illusion, that impersonator of a manufactured media image, is who we DON’T want to be. It is pointless to waste our time and lives imitating a shadow, and it is to our benefit — the next time we catch sight of ourselves in the mirror — to ask two questions:

Who am I?

And am I being me?

Thank you for joining me at This Woman Writes.  I incorporate the artwork of my husband, Steve Henderson, with thoughts on truth, goodness, life, light, and hope. Click on the image in the article to purchase prints or products featuring the artwork. Find all of Steve’s prints at SteveHendersonCollections.com.

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Something More Than Ordinary

Do you wish, sometimes, for something, anything beyond ordinary in your life?

I do.

Now there’s nothing wrong with ordinary — the everyday moments of our life that make up our existence and, often, aren’t so ordinary after all. Think about the creation and eventual birth of a baby — because it happens so much we think of it as, well, just ordinary, but considering that Science, the god of the 21st century, can’t create life (although it’s pretty good at finding ways of destroying it), maybe babies being born everyday isn’t such an ordinary thing after all.

For the parents welcoming the little ones, it’s a miracle.

But back to wanting something outside of ordinary — you know what I mean. We want something big, extraordinary, beyond what we can do for ourselves, supernatural — something that shows us unmistakably that a power — of good — exists, and that power is big, extraordinary, beyond what we can do for ourselves, and supernatural.

The artwork, The Witching Hour, is a visual representation of this thought, this longing, this aching desire for something far beyond working at the office and folding laundry. If you are so inclined to be that way, don’t be scared of the title — words are just that, words, and they add to our ability to understand what we are thinking and seeing.

She stands — still, silent, and waiting. The Witching Hour, art print by Steve Henderson.

One meaning of the witching hour is that point of time and place where the supernatural and the ordinary meet, when the impossible becomes real — something that we as humans have looked for and longed for throughout our existence. It is the basis for religion — it’s what we’re looking for when we pray, meditate, perform certain ceremonial acts, seek.

After all, if all we were focused upon was going to the office and folding laundry, we would have no need or desire to connect with something or someone bigger than ourselves, a benevolent, wise, and loving Creator who knows what’s in our heart and doesn’t judge or condemn us for wanting something a bit more than paying property taxes, emptying the dishwasher, and listening to the evening news (as an aside, if you’re looking for meaning and depth in your life, you can skip that last activity).

But when we have a dream, a goal, a desire for our life that is so much beyond what we are capable of bringing about, well that’s when we start looking outside of ourselves. And that’s what the woman in The Witching Hour is doing — no hocus pocus, no casting of spells or saying certain words in a certain way (which not only witches but people who attend church also do by the way) — but looking. Seeking. Watching. Waiting. Asking.

And because she is is alert and awake, she will see the light when it breaks through the darkness.

Thank you for joining me at This Woman Writes.  I incorporate the artwork of my husband, Steve Henderson, with thoughts on truth, goodness, life, light, and hope. Click on the image in the article to purchase prints or products featuring the artwork. Find all of Steve’s prints at SteveHendersonCollections.com.

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How Ordinary People Can Resist the Reset

If you’re vaguely uncomfortable with the way things are going these days, and are starting to suspect that there may just be something to the talk about elite parasites, and how they want to, well, take over the world and make the rest of humanity slaves, it can seem pretty overwhelming.

(Of course, if you dismiss anyone who doubts the establishment news as a crackpot conspiracy theorist who doesn’t deserve to be heard, then just put your mask back on, grab the chips, and sit down before your TV screen. You think I’m a nut. I think you’re hypnotized. But later, if you want to talk about knitting or gardening or autumn colors, we can connect on that.)

Back to those who feel overwhelmed: I understand. The parasites, at the moment, appear to have it all: money, power, media influence, government servants to put their bidding into place. And that’s a lot. They’re obviously getting much done with the materialist ingredients at their disposal. It doesn’t hurt that so many people watch TV, listen to politicians, and follow “Influencers” on social media — and believe them.

Think long and hard about whom you trust. There won’t be many who deserve to be believed and honored. Colombiana, art print by Steve Henderson

But what power parasites don’t have is truth. Or goodness. Kindness. Compassion. Love. Understanding. Joy. These non-materialist elements, which integrate together to create life that is worth living and pursuing, are actually stronger than money, power, and mandates. Because despite money, power, and mandates being imposed upon humanity, by elites, from farther back than we can remember, humanity still survives, and the majority of people throughout history have sought and continue to seek to live lives that incorporate truth, goodness, kindness, compassion, love, understanding, and joy.

That’s point one. Make it your starting point.

If you acknowledge God in any form, go on from there — our Creator is perfect, the source and embodiment of truth, goodness, kindness, compassion, love, understanding joy. If these things matter to you, it’s because they mattered to Him first. And they still matter.

It may seem like he’s not doing much, but in the same way we don’t want to forget that our enemies are not other, real, ordinary people, even if they don’t vote the way we’d vote (if we vote) but the sludge that has risen to the top and is floating there, we don’t want to mistake the author of good as our enemy simply because we can’t understand how he does things.

He doesn’t hurt, he doesn’t damage, and he doesn’t hate. Those are good things to remember.

Practical Things Ordinary People Can Do

Now, let’s look at some some practical, everyday things to do that aren’t so impossible that we can’t accomplish them. This list is a starting point, and while what’s in it may seem small and insignificant, remember that the power parasites micromanage, and they don’t like it when individuals act like individuals. Our goal is to stop acting like mice or lemmings or zombies and start acting like individual, thinking beings:

  1. Turn off your TV, and better yet, get rid of it. It’s really nothing more than a propaganda machine, making you feel bad that you don’t own the right car, have enough friends, or look skinny enough. The “news” is a series of government press releases that keeps you on edge, anxious, questioning, wondering what will happen next, and feeling as if you are completely and totally powerless. Which is how “they” want you to feel: if you’re convinced that you’re helpless, then you won’t do what you need to do to help yourself and your family.

2. Regarding the “news,” look for alternatives, ones that aren’t funded by Blackrock, the billionaires, and the trillion-dollar corporations. You’ll have to do some curating here, but it’s like homeschooling versus public school — you may make mistakes, but anything you find and do is better than the establishment option. (By the way, it’s not a matter of choosing Fox over CNN. They’re both establishment media.)

When It Comes to Business, Think Small

3. Support small business. The behemoths — Amazon, Costco, Walmart — aren’t only part of the problem, they profit off of the problem, and when you give them your money, you only make them bigger and profiting more. Yes, it’s inconvenient to look for options; yes, you might have to pay a bit more because true small businesses don’t get the special treatment behemoths do — but your dollar someplace else makes a difference. It’s just a dollar, I know, and in the power parasites’ eyes you’re just a nobody, but nobody that you are and dollar that it is — they WANT your obedience and your money. Take pleasure in not giving either to them.

While you’re at it, support those businesses that treasure freedom and individual choice, you know, the ones that don’t insist you prove your obedience to the latest government mandates by showing a card proving that you rolled up your sleeve, or wearing a funny item over your face, or adjusting your behavior to conform to the edicts of the “experts.”

4. Learn to cook. This is one of my mantras, because cooking is something any of us can do on some level, and it is the beginning step toward independence. As with anything, there is a learning curve, both in ability and your taste buds (recognize that commercial industrial food is designed to be addictive), but just keep at it. Every meal you make from scratch is something you don’t buy from a behemoth “food” producer.

Everything We Learn to Do Improves Us

5. While we’re at it, as you’ve turned off the TV and NOT replaced it with scrolling through your phone, learn to do something, anything — grow a tomato plant, knit a hat, create a card and send it to someone. Not only are you living life in real time as opposed to vicariously experiencing the imaginary world of the myth-makers, you’re gaining confidence in your ability to innovate, practice, solve problems, seek solutions. It doesn’t matter how small the steps are — they are steps. You don’t move at all when you’re watching TV. The power parasites want you inert, afraid, helpless, reliant upon them and their “solutions” to the problems they are creating.

6. Remember who the enemy is. As frustrating as the hypnotized are, they are, at base, not the enemy. This isn’t to say that they aren’t dangerous, because the especially obedient are so enslaved to the words of their masters that they will turn you in to the “authorities” if they feel that you’re not following the rules, and thereby endangering the ENTIRE PLANET because We’re All In This Together you know and We Support the Latest Thing and censorship is perfectly okay because We Don’t Want People to Think WRONG THOUGHTS. But at base, they, and anybody who doesn’t believe exactly the way we do, are ordinary people, and the power parasites are attacking ordinary people.

It’s not a matter of Republicans versus Democrats or conservatives against liberals or vaccinated against unvaccinated or people who believe in God against people who don’t or people who eat organic versus those who frequent fast food restaurants — all the dichotomies we suffer under were created by the overlords to obscure the fact that there are two distinct classes, or castes, that make all the difference: the rich and powerful who want to rule the planet versus regular people who want to live and just live, and treat others as equals.

Evil Exists

7. Accept the fact that evil exists. I’ll never forget the conversation I had with a local newspaper reporter who told me, “I can’t believe that a cabal of rich people would gather together and work against the people of the world. If I believed that evil like that existed, I would have to kill myself.” She’s still alive, and still printing press releases from the government.

You may not overtly and shamelessly lie, but the parasites do. If you fail to accept that evil exists, you will be fooled by people who actively embrace it. And by evil, I don’t mean someone who swears or who drinks or who doesn’t go to church. I mean someone who deliberately hurts and harms others for pleasure and profit.

How You Think Determines How You Will Act

What it all boils down to is this: you have one life on this planet, and while there are many things that are out of your control, there are a whole lot of them that are still in it. That starts with your thoughts.

How you think determines how you will act, and how you act makes an impact on not only your life, but that of others. The power parasites know this: that’s why they spend so much time and money on propagandizing you through TV, political speeches, newspapers, social media, movies, music, art, and more. If they could impose their will upon us through technology alone, they would, but as it is, they need our compliance for their bidding to become reality.

Don’t give it to them.

Thank you for joining me at This Woman Writes. Posts complementing this one are

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As a final note, if you want to support a small business, consider purchasing artwork by my Norwegian Artist husband, Steve Henderson. Every work he creates celebrates freedom, joy, thought, life, and light. You can find him at Steve Henderson Collections.

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Anger Management

It’s easy to get angry because there’s so much to get angry about.

And that’s, in a way, the point of it all: the human emperor overlords of the earth, those who seek power over all the rest of us, keep us divided, confused, infuriated, fearful, maddened, and well, unable to effectively live our lives by constantly angering us.

They know that their stories don’t make sense. They know that if you follow the logic you’re led straight to illogic. They know that the system is cold, calloused, unfair, impersonal, and designed to keep us frustrated.

We throw up our hands in vexation, get into arguments with both family and strangers over the issues of the day, stomp our feet and get out to vote in the belief that somewhere, somehow there is a politician who is honest enough, while still being powerful enough, to actually do something right and good.

In other words, we are constantly distracted.

Anger prevents us from thinking, and when we don’t think, we allow other people to do the thinking for us. And that doesn’t work out well. Queen Anne’s Lace, art print by Steve Henderson. (Click on the image to visit the purchase page.)

But anger isn’t the answer, any more than fear is, or anxiety, or depression. All of those dark emotions fill our mind with thoughts that aren’t contemplating goodness, aren’t focusing on solutions, aren’t creatively seeking new skills and honing those we already have. Deep down, those of us who are awake know that the answers do not lie in the media, political sphere, health industry, corporate culture, or even religious establishments.

When we are silent, when we turn off the media and pull away, when we get outside and take a calm stroll through nature and listen to her sounds, when we get into a place and state where we can think, then each step we take – literal and figurative – is one step forward.

It all starts by refusing to live in a constant, chronic state of anger.

Thank you for joining me at This Woman Writes. Posts complementing this one are

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Find inspirational and encouraging artwork at Steve Henderson Collections, where you can purchase anything from framed art prints to coffee mugs, with images that bring joy and hope to the day.

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Freedom Isn’t a “Want.” It’s a Need.

There are a lot of things we want in life, and few things we actually need.

Which is not to say that what we want isn’t important: it is. And be assured that as time goes by and the billionaires keep making more money and we make less, they, the government, and corporations – through their trusty “news” “services” – will instruct us on how we shouldn’t want so much, and should be grateful for our daily bowl of lentil soup. After all, if things get as bad as what they hope, er, predict, then we may only get it every two days. Along with our weekly cold shower.

But for now, they want us to continue to buy things we don’t really need so that they can make more money, because money equates power, and both of those are things the parasites need.

But for real people, ordinary genuine people who really want to live their lives freely in peace and dignity, have good things (and enough of them) to eat, live in a safe, warm place, and be with and around people we love, our true needs are basic, rich, and deep:

Life is magical, fantastic, and filled with beauty and awe — but that’s life outside of TV, “news,” politics, the medical system, and basically any other man-made establishment. Taking Flight, art print by Steve Henderson. Click on the image to see more about the print.

We don’t need the latest plastic toy. We don’t need the latest techie-surveillance item. We don’t need to look or dress like some celebrity who is famous for . . . it’s hard to know these days. We don’t need a TV, and honestly, we’d be a lot happier (and able to think better) without one.

What we need are the items in paragraph 4 – freedom, peace, autonomy of body and mind, enough (quality food, not manufactured lab pap) to eat, a decent place to live, and interaction with people we love. And we need dreams, goals, a purpose of goodness for living our lives. These aren’t wants, these are needs, and we must be careful about equating them with material items sold by billionaires.

The artwork, Taking Flight, is an invitation to us to look beyond the shallow world of advertising, propaganda, politics, inane entertainment, fearmongering, and the mis-information dis-information diversion of what calls itself “the news.” A young woman stands in the surf, holding close her child (who like all normal children is curious, active, and wriggling) as a flock of gulls takes flight in her midst. It’s a mysterious moment, a fanciful one, and it is a reminder to us that life is precious and beautiful indeed, and it is a gift given to all humans on this earth, not just the powerful and parasitic few.

This life, this precious and beautiful life: we need this.

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Don’t Despair. But Do, Do Think

It’s okay to feel irritated. These aren’t so much “unprecedented times” as they are alarming ones. You know, for freedom; human dignity; the right to choose what we do and do not inject into our bodies; the ability to move about freely; any sort of truthfulness from mainstream news and its partners, government and bloated corporations, that kind of stuff.

It’s understandable if you feel grumpy, out of sorts, worried about the future, frustrated with the almost hypnotic state of acquiescence and obedience that too many people seem to be in, and the push me/pull me of the “news” that catapults us from one (we suspect, manufactured) crisis to another.

“I’d really just like to live my life unassaulted, uncontrolled, unassailed, unprovoked, and un-ruled by a class of people in power who appear to have no conscience or any brakes on their desire for money and more power,” you find yourself murmuring.

thinking beauty romantic woman bedroom peaceful calm
Cerebration is the act of deeply and intensely thinking, of mulling over an issue or a problem. It is something worthy spending time on, as opposed to listening to the mainstream news and living in a constant state of fear, anxiety, and trepidation. Cerebration, the artwork by Steve Henderson, is available as a print at this link.

Of course, if you’re not murmuring this and you’re just fine with mandates on the fly, then by all means move on to some other blog post. You’ll get just as irritated with me as I would no doubt with you.

But if you are murmuring, I’d like to encourage you to close your eyes, take a deep breath, and cerebrate. Yes, cerebrate. It means to deeply and intensely think, to use the power of reason to process a matter, an issue, a situation, which is crucial for all of us to do, as opposed to residing in a hypnotic state of acquiescence and obedience while we tonelessly repeat, “These are unprecedented times.”

The artwork, Cerebration, takes us to a place of calmness and quietude where a young woman – with no phone, no TV, no screen in sight – relaxes into a state of deep thought. She is not in despair, and while she may be internally overwhelmed by all that is going on outside of that room, she is strong and determined, unwilling to fall gently into that night of darkness that those people in power who have no conscience seem determined to push us into.

Cerebrate. It’s what free people do.

Thank you for joining me at This Woman Writes. Posts complementing this one are

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All of the artwork in my blogs is by my husband, fine artist Steve Henderson. He creates work that celebrates joy and goodness, freedom and thinking. You can find his prints at SteveHendersonCollections.com or https://2-steve-henderson.pixels.com/.

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Get More Done by Slowing Down

Sometimes, to get more done, you have to do less.

This concept doesn’t make sense in U.S. corporate-culture, because we worker bees are taught to keep flying from flower to flower, picking up more pollen for the stockholders, and work harder, faster, smarter, and more and more.

Operating this way doesn’t necessarily mean that we ordinary people – the worker bees upon which the parasite (“elite”) class depend – get ahead in our own lives. It just means that we are tired from working all the time, our constant activity and productivity benefiting select others, not ourselves.

But it’s important to remember that we are human beings, not “workers,” not bees, not employees, and as human beings we have individual lives to life – lives in which we have goals and dreams, hopes and aspirations, creative ability with which to fashion a means to reach those goals, dreams, hopes, and aspirations.

We are human beings, not mega-corporations, and we need to live and act like human beings, not robots. We need time to think, wonder, questions, ponder, imagine and, most importantly, rest. Moon Rising, art print by Steve Henderson. Click on the image to be taken to the page where you can purchase the print.

But because we do not get lucrative contracts and tax breaks from the government, nor hobnob with the powerful, we generally have to go about things the hard, slow way, working very hard for each advancement that we make. Frequently it feels as if we don’t have enough time to do all the things we could possibly do to make the next step.

And realistically, we don’t.

That’s why we need to slow down. There will always be something new to put on our list, a fresh idea to try, another element to incorporate into our schedule. If we don’t watch it, we will add, and add, and add more things to what we do, to the point that we have no time to think, reflect, pause, contemplate, wonder, and yes, just rest. This opposite side of the wheel, so to speak, is necessary to maintain balance and equilibrium.

When we pursue our dreams, we’re not working to enrich a corporation, we’re working to enrich our own lives. And enriching our lives involves deep thought, mental and physical relaxation, and seeking a place and state of calm. Until we do so, we’re just flying from flower to flower.

Thank you for joining me at This Woman Writes.  I incorporate the artwork of my husband, Steve Henderson, with thoughts on truth, goodness, life, light, and hope. Click on the image in the article to purchase prints or products featuring the artwork. Find all of Steve’s prints at SteveHendersonCollections.com.

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Reject Corporate Culture and Find Something Real Instead

If we really want to, we can live in a culture that is better than what we have now. We can create an actual culture with richness and depth, meaning and joy.

Right now, what we call “culture” in the United States is basically what is fed to us on TV programs and establishment movies, which in turn are influenced by the corporate world. Through them, we are taught to seek material goods, live fast and frenzied, expect to have a large circle of friends (none of whom, including ourselves, seem to hold down any jobs), and never, ever take time to slow down, think, ponder, relax, create, question, or step out of the little box we been given to live our lives in.

That’s not culture. That’s propaganda.

We don’t have to live in a culture that constantly pushes us to work, worry, and watch the news. We can choose to slow down, look around us, and think. Rain Dance, artwork by Steve Henderson. Prints available by clicking on the image.

But what more, really, can we expect from the corporate culture, the world of the parasites that needs people who are smart enough to do the job, but not so smart that they ask questions; who have enough money to buy goods so that the corporations make money, but not so much that we make meaningful purchase decisions to literally enrich our lives; who are kept constantly busy – not really doing anything of importance or meaning to us – so that when we get home at night all we want to do is glue our eyes to the screen and obey the advertisements?

But culture, genuine culture, involves real people, not imaginary ones – ordinary, genuine people, not celebrities whose major accomplishment is that they’re famous because they’re promoted. In genuine culture, the food we eat isn’t from boxes and bags. The songs we sing aren’t churned from the music industry. The books we read aren’t printed versions of movies. The things that matter to us, the stuff we talk about, isn’t the next candidate for the next election in which our single most important act – the pinnacle of what we call democracy – is to cast one vote. Which . . . may or may not be counted.

If we’re bored it’s because our culture is boring, and if our culture is boring it’s because it’s not shaped by real, genuine people living good, honest lives, but by Big Business, Big Finance, and Big Politics, none of whom are interested in human beings, and human culture, at all.

Thank you for joining me at This Woman Writes.  I incorporate the artwork of my husband, Steve Henderson, with thoughts on truth, goodness, life, light, and hope. Click on the image in the article to purchase prints or products featuring the artwork. Find all of Steve’s prints at SteveHendersonCollections.com.

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We Need Time to Think

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First and Foremost, Trust Yourself

We are told to trust a lot of people.

Trust the experts.

Trust Science (is that . . . one person? Do all scientists agree?)

Trust the authorities. (The monarch? The priest? The government? Isn’t the whole point of America’s Independence Day story based upon a distrust of overreaching government?)

Trust the actors reading off the teleprompter while they sit behind the news desk.

Trust the think tanks, foundations, and “Non-profit” organizations with 3-5 capital letters.

But the one person we should trust, the one who has our best interests at heart, the one who does not operate with any conflicts of interest that go against our own interests, we are never told to trust:


model thinker woman thinking spa bath relaxed freedom chair dancer athlete
As intelligent human beings, we are first and foremost the best person to consult when it comes to living our lives with grace, dignity, creativity, and freedom. Model Thinker, art print by Steve Henderson; prints available by clicking on the image.

But we’re not the experts!

We’re not Scientists!

How can we possibly know enough to make a sound judgment for our best interests?

Well, if not us, then who?

How can any one person — a stranger — or even a committee, forum or panel of “experts” — all strangers — know enough to make life impacting decisions for — generally by imposing mandates upon — thousands, sometimes millions, and these days, billions of others?

They can’t, but that doesn’t stop them from trying.

And they have a better chance of succeeding when they demean and disparage the intelligence of individual people to ask questions, look at facts, sift through answers, and come to decisions on what they will eat, where they will work, what type of currency they recognize, what they will (or will not) wear, what medical treatment — if any — they choose, how they will raise and protect their children, and thousands of other day to day decisions that ultimately impact our individual lives.

In short, it is freedom of choice.

And that choice is ours, as it has been throughout history. We can choose to listen to, passively accept, and obey the dictates of the experts, the authorities, the panels and forums and organizations with 3-5 letters, or we can assert our independence as free, intelligent human beings, living on a planet with other free, intelligent human beings, and live like free, intelligent, compassionate, decent human beings.

But we have to trust ourselves that we can do it.

Thank you for joining me at This Woman Writes.  I incorporate the artwork of my husband, Steve Henderson, with thoughts on truth, goodness, life, light, and hope. Click on the image in the article to purchase prints or products featuring the artwork. Find all of Steve’s prints at SteveHendersonCollections.com.

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Insist Upon Living Your Life

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Don’t Let the Parasites Define Who You Are

Human beings are the pinnacles of design. We have the capacity to be good, do good, or to be bad, and do bad, with pretty much everything in between.

But living in this world, you get the idea that we’re a pretty crummy product, and if you don’t resist the voices who want to subdue you to their thinking, you might accept the various lies you’re told.

Some religions teach that, because of Adam and Eve’s actions, all humans are born sinful, repulsive in God’s sight, and the Father who created us doesn’t become that father, nor love us, until we take certain steps and say certain words. It’s hard to connect with a guy like that.

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It’s hard to look at an innocent child and see either a receptacle of sin (religious) or germ bomb (scientific). Children remind us that we enter the world innocent and beautiful, and we have the capacity to retain, and develop, both. We just don’t bother because nobody encourages us to even try. Bold Innocence, art print by Steve Henderson. Click on the image to be taken to the page on Steve’s site where the artwork is available as a print and image on products.

On the scientific front, the theory of natural selection opens up the possibility that certain people are better than others (survival of the fittest) and those who make it to the top, even if it involves stepping over other people’s faces, deserve to get there. Of course, we don’t talk about this.

The parasite class (which prefers to be called the elite, but good people really need to start identifying them more accurately by their attitude and lifestyle) considers a chunk of humanity useless eaters because we’re not useful . . . to them.

And lately, again on the scientific front, the secular version of the doctrine of original sin abounds in the idea that we humans are infused with germs, and the very act of sneezing will quite possibly kill Grandma.

On the whole, the assorted establishments and organizations of the world don’t think much of the average, ordinary, real, genuine human being. If we listened to them, believed them, followed what they said, we would understandably feel discouraged, unwanted, unimportant, even dangerous to the existence of others. And we would depend upon them to tell us how to live so that we can escape the curse of our humanity.

This is not what we were born to be or feel. Every human being enters the world with that potential to do good, be good, and while we regularly mess up and fall short of what we want to be, feel we can be, as long as we operate from the standpoint that we are valuable, precious, unique, creative, beautiful and truly useful (not to the parasites, but to other human beings) we get closer and closer to the becoming who and what we were born to be.

Good, decent, creative, imaginative, valuable human beings.

Thank you for joining me at This Woman Writes. I incorporate the images of my husband, painter Steve Henderson, who paints what I write about — light, life, truth, honesty, questioning, curiosity, independence, and freedom. The image used in this article, Bold Innocence, is available as a print or image on gift items at SteveHendersonCollections.com.

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