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What Will Others Think? Honestly, It Doesn’t Matter

We waste a lot of our lives worrying about what others think of us. It’s not just a social media thing. Long before we courted “Likes” and hearts and smiling emojis, we looked around after we said something, did something, … Continue reading

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We Have More Than Two Choices

“A or B?” Though we live in a complex world, rich with options, we are too frequently pressured to decide between two rigidly defined choices, especially when politics is involved. But then again, organized religion imposes its own limited parameters, … Continue reading

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Explore a World without Walls or Fences

How easy it is to limit ourselves! How effortlessly and gently we fall into complacency —  content in a landscape surrounded by fences, or circumscribing our physical and mental beings to the space allotted by cubicle walls. “Ah, but we … Continue reading

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Too Many Items on Your List? Do This . . .

We all keep lists. Mental, scribbled on the back of an envelope, or neatly docketed in our phones, these lists remind us of the many things there are to do each day. And the most intriguing thing about these lists … Continue reading

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Vacation Every Day?

Given a choice, most people would choose a week at a sunny, warm beach over the same period of time in the office. (For those who hate oceans — seriously? — there are options: a snowy mountain on which to … Continue reading

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