Praying for a Sign? Don’t.

We don't need to be looking for signs from the sky to know that God loves and cares for us. Peace, original oil painting by Steve Henderson of Steve Henderson Fine Art.

We don’t need to be looking for signs from the sky to know that God loves and cares for us. Peace, original oil painting by Steve Henderson of Steve Henderson Fine Art.

Signs and wonders: they fascinate us. We marvel at the crossing of the Red Sea, Jesus’ feeding of 5,000 and 4,000, even Gideon with his soggy sheep fleece.

One part of us asks, “Is this really true?” while another part says, “Do this for me, God! Do this for me!”

And within contemporary Christian culture, we are often encouraged to “ask for a sign,” because, we are assured, Gideon did this (multiple times), and God honored his request. He can do no less for us, we’re told, and indeed, if we have enough faith, we force His hand.

But we’re not Gideon, my friends, (Judges 6-8) and God isn’t asking us to wipe out an overwhelming Midianite enemy by shouting, blowing on trumpets, and breaking jars. If the story of Gideon tells us anything, it’s that God gets the credit for winning our battles. Gideon’s story isn’t one extolling a man’s faith, but rather his reluctance, and God’s gracious understanding of that fear.

Please read the rest of the article at Why You (Probably) Shouldn’t Pray for a Sign at my column, Commonsense Christianity at BeliefNet. I know it’s a hassle following a link, and I’d print the whole story here if I could, but I can’t. I appreciate your patience and understanding.

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2 Responses to Praying for a Sign? Don’t.

  1. Tshanina says:

    I think you hit the nail on the head when you said “signs are never enough.” More than likely we wouldn’t believe it was a sign if it was revealed to us.

    • Very true, Tshanina — signs “wear out” after their initial novelty and awe value, and given time, we think less of them than when they first happened. So we need another one.

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