Be Wary of Near Death Experience Stories

As Christians, we look to the Bible as the inerrant source of truth. But if we never read it, we don’t know what the book says. On the Horizon, original oil painting by Steve Henderson; licensed open edition print at Great Big Canvas and Framed Canvas Art.

“Did you read the book?”


“See the movie?”


“Then what makes you think you can have an opinion on the matter?”

I grew up in a family of scientists, where not having a PhD in a discipline (and most 13-year-olds don’t have one of these) meant that you were unqualified to have an opinion on the topic at hand — evolution, say, or the nutritive content (or lack of) of pesticide-laden food.

I learned early that an effective means of squashing dialogue and dissent is to call the other person stupid or unqualified, a technique used liberally in the scientific, political, educational, religious, or financial communities today. (As an aside, since most of the people “representing” these areas don’t have English degrees, perhaps they should refrain from writing, ever. See the absurdity?)

If you feel like you don’t belong, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. What is it that you don’t feel like you belong to? The Misfit Christian, by Carolyn Henderson, is written for the independent Christian thinker who is tired of being told to be quiet and accept the way things are. Available as a paperback and digital book at

So it is when you, or rather, I, express misgivings about Near Death Experiences, first-hand accounts by people who have died medically, been transported elsewhere (heaven, or hell), and returned to tell of their experiences.

It’s not that I don’t believe them — although the more money they make in the process of telling their story the less credence I give to their motives — it’s that I don’t need their stories to confirm my faith, and I encourage my Christian brothers and sisters, especially, to be wary, very very wary, about incorporating NDEs into their faith life.


Please follow the link to Near Death Experiences — Don’t Fall in Love with Them at my BeliefNet blog, Commonsense Christianity. These accounts will only increase in the future, and as a Christian, it is important to know how to react to them. The best way to learn this is to read the Bible for yourself, on a regular basis, and learn from its truth.

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