Evening Waltz — The Story of This Painting

The best ballroom is outside, where the lights overhead are the setting sun and the rising stars. Evening Waltz, original oil painting by Steve Henderson; licensed open edition print at Framed Canvas Art.

The story of the painting, Evening Waltz, by Steve Henderson at Start Your Week with Steve:

It is a beauteous evening, and a young couple dances in a ballroom of light, motion, movement, and sound. The song is the sound of the waves and the wild sea birds, and if there is an audience, they are not aware of it.

Like many people who come to the coast, this couple is in a world of their own, and because the sky is so big, the ocean so vast, and the beach so unending, they have their corner of it entirely to themselves. Seldom do we feel such freedom and grace.

Many years ago, when Steve and Carolyn and their children were walking on the sand, embraced in the atmosphere of the ocean, they passed by a young couple. The man was on one knee, in the classic pose of asking a woman’s hand in marriage, and the woman was still, listening to his words.

The entire beach stopped, every eye circumspectly watching this moment, but the couple was completely oblivious to what was happening. Vaguely, we were all aware of giving these people their privacy, but another part of us was drawn to a moment of classic romance, the kind that we frequently can’t get enough of in movies and in books. We ridicule ourselves, or others, for being sappy, but there is nothing sappy about human emotion and devotion, love for one another, and the desire to commit.

We continued walking on, granting the couple their moment, and because dusk was falling and the gentle hills of the sand intervened, we left that couple in that moment in time, and we never did discover the answer.

But we’re sure it was “yes.”

Evening Waltz, the original oil painting by Steve Henderson, is available for purchase through the website. The 30 x 36 painting is gallery wrapped and ready to hang without any frame. Evening Waltz is also available as a licensed, open edition print through Framed Canvas Art.

A generous collection of Steve’s work is available as licensed, open edition prints through Framed Canvas Art.

Read the Rest of the newsletter at Start Your Week with Steve.

Please contact Carolyn@SteveHendersonFineArt to inquire about any of Steve’s original oil and watercolor paintings or licensed open edition prints.

Shipping of original paintings, purchased through Steve Henderson Fine Art, is free to the U.S. and Canada. All other areas, contact us and we’ll figure out the shipping charges.

Check out Steve’s artwork at Steve Henderson Fine ArtOriginal paintings — licensed open edition prints — Santa and Holiday. Steve’s licensed work is available at Great Big CanvasiCanvasARTAmazon.comLight in the Box, and Framed Canvas Art.

If you are a manufacturer who would like to use Steve’s artwork on your products, please contact his agents, Matt Appelman (matt.appelman@artlicensing.com). You can see Steve’s Art Licensing page here.

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