Facebook Fear, Fueled by Christians

This last week on Facebook was one of general fear, anxiety, panic and despair, not so much because everyone was in and out of relationships, or because Lucky Slots wasn’t doing well, but because too many Christians are preparing for the imminent invasion of the United States by hostile forces.

Opalescent Sea inspirational original oil painting of oceans waves by Steve Henderson

The wind and waves of circumstances hit us all, but the object is to be not overwhelmed by, and drowned in, them. Opalescent Sea, original oil painting by Steve Henderson; open edition print at Great Big Canvas, Framed Canvas Art, and iCanvasART.

The overall message was along the lines of, “We’re ready to die! Except . . . we don’t really want to die.

“But Jesus is coming soon and He’s going to end the world anyway, so . . . we’re all going to die!”

If it isn’t ISIS it’s the Russians, and if it isn’t the Russians, it’s the Muslim extremists, and if it isn’t the Muslim extremists, it’s the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, which somehow has an effect on us, but the overall tone is one of defeat, despair, discouragement and . . . fear.

Fear isn’t an emotion Christianity propounds, but it’s one that too many Christians feel, and pass on. Please read the rest of the story at “Why Are You So Afraid? Do You Still Have No Faith?” at my BeliefNet Blog, Commonsense Christianity.

We live in frightening times, and there is a lot of bad stuff going on — but freaking out and passing on the panic isn’t part of the solution.

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About This Woman Writes

Carolyn Henderson is the marketing manager of Steve Henderson Fine Art. She writes about life, art, and the art of life.
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