All Wrapped Up in Christmas? Do It Right.

The story of the painting, All Wrapped Up, by Steve Henderson at Start Your Week with Steve:

All Wrapped Up catches Santa in the midst of a frenzy of paper and ribbons, to the point that he is one with his background. Too many of us understand the concept of last-minute shopping, and the stress and hurry of the holiday season.

All Wrapped Up inspirational original oil painting of Santa Clause at Christmas Holiday by Steve Henderson

It’s so easy to get lost in the maze of holiday activity, that we don’t stop and remind ourselves what we’re celebrating in the first place. Santa doesn’t lose sight of this. All Wrapped Up, original oil painting by Steve Henderson.

Not so Santa. While Christmas is his life, it is not his job, but rather, his joy and his privilege. We would all empathize if Santa looked stressed and overworked, given all that he has to do — yet he doesn’t, because he always keeps in mind the reason, and the significance, of the season. What joy is there in giving gifts, when gift-giving is a chore?

Because he understands this, Santa stops in the midst of all that he is doing and looks at the gift he holds in his hand: a little lamb. No doubt destined for a little child, this lamb is a reminder to all of us why we celebrate Christmas in the first place. Arguably, we can debate back and forth whether Jesus was REALLY born on December 25, or we can reflect that this all started as a pagan holiday and it doesn’t really mean anything, but ultimately, most people who celebrate Christmas know that it is a time of joy, peace, hope, and love.

And nothing embodies that sense of joy, peace, hope, and love more than the Lamb who came to earth, as a baby (does the official date really matter?), and gave us the ultimate gift of Himself.

Merry Christmas, all year round.

Read the rest — Steve’s Art in Stores, affordable original art,  at Start Your Week with Steve.

All Wrapped Up is an original oil painting at Steve Henderson Fine Art. It is available as a gift card through Give Write Cards.

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