Inside, We’re All Beautiful

The story of The Girl in the Copper Dress (3), original oil painting and licensed print by Steve Henderson at Start Your Week with Steve:

She is a dancer.

Girl in a Copper Dress 3 inspirational original painting of dancer woman by Steve Henderson, licensed prints at allposters,, Great Big Canvas and iCanvas

Mentally, we see ourselves differently than those do on the outside; but that mental image ultimately affects how we walk, stand, and behave. Girl in a Copper Dress 3, original oil painting by Steve Henderson; licensed prints at, AllPosters, iCanvas, and Great Big Canvas

Lithe, graceful, comely, The Girl in a Copper Dress turns every move into an expression of choreography, and while she is not performing for an audience, she is, in her imagination, dancing with a smooth lissomeness which brings beauty to every move.

A vague, yet visionary background tells the viewer that the girl is inside, no doubt at home, because though she is dressed for an evening out, her feet are bare, as if the time to leave has not yet come.

She is in a state of relaxed, dreamy calm — one in which we as viewers rest — because a state of relaxed, dreamy calm is a good one in which to be.

Regardless of what a person looks like, how old they are, or whether or not they could or actually want to fit into that dress, all humans, in their minds, are different from the person those on the outside see. Mentally, people segue through life seamlessly, efficiently or gracefully, boldly or gently — but like a dancer, they move professionally through their space.

On the physical plain, people often don’t feel like this at all, stumbling through the day and hoping that they don’t cause too much damage before the end of it, but deep down, in every human, is the view that there is something about them that is graceful, that is mysterious, that is honorable and worthy and beautiful.

Like The Girl in the Copper Dress, people may indulge in this feeling privately, within their homes, when no one is watching, because it is such a vulnerable secret that they can’t entrust it to the world around them. But the very belief that something noble about them exists enables each human being to stand taller, walk straighter, and go through their day like a dancer.

The Girl in a Copper Dress 3 is one of a series of original paintings which may be purchased separately or as a unit of all three paintings, with a 20 percent discount. You may find The Girl in a Copper Dress 2 and The Girl in a Copper Dress 1 at the Steve Henderson Fine Art website.

The works are also available as licensed prints at Great Big Canvas, iCanvas, Framed Canvas Art,,, and AllPosters.

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Carolyn Henderson is the marketing manager of Steve Henderson Fine Art. She writes about life, art, and the art of life.
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