Something to Remember When You Feel Afraid

Just a thought for today. I’ll let Emerson, and the image, speak for themselves.BoldInnocence.Emerson

About This Woman Writes

Carolyn Henderson is the marketing manager of Steve Henderson Fine Art. She writes about life, art, and the art of life.
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4 Responses to Something to Remember When You Feel Afraid

  1. Cathy Christianson says:

    Good Morning Carolyn,
    I have wanted to say this to you for a few years…… have encouraged me through your writings. Thanks you for being brave enough to share your thoughts.


    Cathy C.

    • Hello, Cathy — what a lovely comment to start my day with! Thank you.

      Years ago, I started writing on Christianity because I was frustrated with the experience I had known for so long — church culture, the subtle pressure to conform, a list of unspoken rules that were there but purported not to be, the complacency of all of us in accepting a position that kept us unsure, uneducated, unsupported, unlearned, and . . . unacquainted with God. As far as I could see, there were few people writing or commenting on this, or those who were were, were like me, so small and unpromoted (because that’s how the celebrity voices, with their deliberate misconceptions of the message, get out there), that they were hard to find.

      Thankfully, I see more people speaking out these days, but it’s a difficult message: speaking out against the corporate-driven, quasi-Christianity that most of us associate with the gospel, while not giving up on God. It’s easy to take the atheist or agnostic route, simply because quasi-Christianity is so distasteful and depressing that coming to the conclusion that it’s wrong is almost a relief. “Thank God!” we sigh, “That that isn’t God.”

      But too often, people conclude that, if false Christianity doesn’t teach God, then God doesn’t exist. It’s important to continue the journey. In recognizing that the wrathful, irritable, unlikable, cold, uncaring God of quasi-Christianity is false, then the next step is to look for the real one: the Father who loves His children, who walks beside them, and wants them to look at their hand and see that His is holding it. People are doing this, and doing this one by one, as individuals, because that is how our Father interacts with us, each child a precious, unique individual made lovingly by their Creator.

  2. letsgetreal2016 says:

    the bible says “it is when we are weak that we are strong”. Being as how I have a disability, i take great comfort in this verse.

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