Special Event? Take Your Time Getting Ready

Everybody loves a special event — whether it’s going to a superb restaurant, shopping for the day with friends, picnicking in the park, spending a few days at the beach for vacation. It may be fancy, it may be simple, but what it is is different, which is why we call it special.

evening date celebration event anticipation steve henderson woman pink romantic art

The joy of any event is enhanced when we enjoy the preparation for it. The Evening Ahead, art print from Steve Henderson Collections

Whatever it is we’re doing, it’s a break from normal routine.

Now there’s nothing wrong with routine; after all we live on a planet with relatively predictable seasons that allow us to grow our food, reasonably secure that it won’t snow when it’s supposed to be warm, and that blossoms on fruit trees won’t appear in autumn, just before winter.

Routine is the opposite of chaos, and chaos is unsettling because we never know what’s going to hit us next, when, or how hard. (This sounds a bit like today’s political living situation on the planet. The regular, ordinary, normal people never know what their “leaders” will impose upon them next.)

But too much routine is not a good thing, because life starts to look boring. And this is where special events come in.

The artwork, The Evening Ahead, not only celebrates the special event but — very importantly — expresses enjoyment over the preparations for it. A young woman stands at the mirror dressing her hair. Her movements are slow, measured, relaxed, unlike the rush we consider normal when we’re getting ready for work.

Gentle thoughts of anticipation run through her mind. The flowers surrounding her add to the sense of peace, tranquility, and contentment because one of the major aspects of flowers — other than their beauty — is that they are never in a hurry. They take their time, and in that time, they develop into the fullness of blossom.

The next opportunity you find for a special event in your life — and remember, it doesn’t have to be “big,” just different — savor the preparations for it. The time you take to do so will add sweetness and depth to the memories.

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