Sunlight: Still Free, Still Available to All of Us

Sunlight is a gift given to all life on the planet. So far, the few humans whose goal is to own everything, control everything, and take everything from everyone else, haven’t managed to limit the supply of sunlight, package it up, and sell it at a profit.

So far.

bathed light bath bathroom spa woman figurative nude beauty luxury steve henderson art

Like a contented cat, a woman stretches in the sun and toward the light. Bathed in Light, art print from Steve Henderson Collections.

Throughout history, sunlight has shone on the good and the evil, the wise and the foolish, the plants and the animals and the people and the sea. It adds warmth in both temperature and emotion, and one of the most important things it does is dispel darkness.

Because sunlight is just that — it is LIGHT. And light has the unique and extraordinarily valuable ability to shine through darkness and cut through the shadows. Where it is dark and no one can see, bad and wrongful and evil things can be, and are done.

But wherever light reaches, those deeds are exposed like cockroaches, scurrying across the floor to hide in the cracks and crannies. Rare is the roach who stands nobly and proud in the middle of the floor, facing the eyes of the homeowner.

The artwork, Bathed in Light, celebrates the beauty and warmth of the sun and its light. A young woman stands in a glass-enclosed room, perhaps high overlooking the city. Wherever this room is, though she can see everything, she herself cannot be seen.

She is alone, and content in that aloneness, because it allows her time to think, to dream, to be in a time and place of quiet where there is peace and truth. She exults in the light — its warmth and its glow — and freely receives this incredible gift.

Walk in the light. Find truth where it shines. And know that darkness cannot overcome it.

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