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How Do We Know What’s True?

Truth is not something we are told; it is something we seek. And in seeking it, we ask questions, express doubts, ask for proof. When we are discouraged from doing that, we need to ask why. Continue reading

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Whom Do We Trust?

In a world of mass media, we feel like we “know” a lot of people, many of them famous faces. But just recognizing a face doesn’t mean it’s worth giving our complete and total trust to it. Continue reading

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What Will Others Think? Honestly, It Doesn’t Matter

We waste a lot of our lives worrying about what others think of us. It’s not just a social media thing. Long before we courted “Likes” and hearts and smiling emojis, we looked around after we said something, did something, … Continue reading

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Is Anyone Interested in a Little Privacy?

Mother’s Day was brutal. Not because it was a bad one at our house — it was wonderful, filled with warmth and family and love, elements that make every day, and every holiday, special. No, it was the posts streaming … Continue reading

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Does Jesus Get Mad When We Complain?

“Cast all your anxiety on him, because he cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7 Some of the most insensitive sayings, passed on via social media memes, are posted by people who call themselves Christians. There is a lamentable desire┬áto encapsulate … Continue reading

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Read the Article, Not Just the Title

By contemporary standards, I am inept, because it takes me eight minutes to tap out a simple text on my ancient (two years?) Star Trek communicator fliptop phone. My daughters laugh and laugh. However, I do have a skill that … Continue reading

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Facebook: Sometimes I Like It, Sometimes I Don’t

So many people want me to like them, I feel as if I were back in high school or junior high. Thank God I’m not; once was enough. This time around’s a little different though. Instead of being accosted in … Continue reading

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