Finding Truth in a World of Questionable Facts

For living in an information society, we operate a lot in the dark.

Largely, it’s because our information is questionable. With five major corporations owning effectively all our mass means of communication (movies, TV, books, “news,” magazines, newspapers, radio, Internet sites) we depend upon the largesse, integrity, and honesty of these corporate entities to give us the facts, without prejudice, propaganda or advertising pressure, leaving it up to our intelligence and wisdom to interpret.

Somehow, I don’t think this is the way their world works.

sailboat sailing night midnight moonlight blue mysterious art painting marine
As we sail through life, sometimes we don’t have much light to see by. But we slow down, stay incredibly alert, and use what light we have to our advantage. Moonlight Sail , art print by Steve Henderson available at Steve Henderson Collections. Click on the image to be taken to the purchase page for prints and gifts of this image.

So how do we find truth when we are unsure of our facts?

In some ways, it is like sailing on a small craft in the middle of the night, with very little light to go by. Depending upon our experience, we may be amateurs, intermediate sailors, or skilled mariners, but wherever we are on that spectrum, we know enough to not go plowing ahead in the dark, fingers crossed, hoping it all works out okay.

We slow down. We use what light there is to see. We recognize that what we do see is limited. And we move forward cautiously, every sense alert, never allowing our eyes to glaze over (that’s what happen when we watch TV) or letting our defenses down.

We recognize that we are in a potentially hostile and dangerous environment, and if we are to successfully navigate through it, we must trust ourselves, our instinct, our abilities, and that inner voice that guides us — when we listen to it.

Thank you for joining me at This Woman Writes. I incorporate the images of my husband, painter Steve Henderson, who paints what I write about — light, life, truth, honesty, questioning, curiosity, independence, and freedom. The image used in this article, Moonlight Sail, is available as a print or image on gift items at

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