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In This Cat and Dog World, Are You a Kitty or a Pooch?

The odd thing about our society, however, is that in some segments of it, junior high does, indeed, last far beyond 7th and 8th grade. Continue reading

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Facebook Friends

When I troll through someone’s site and see that they have 555 Facebook “Friends,” I think — how do you keep up with all of these people? And, because the number of friends is open for others to see, there is the very public pressure to add to one’s list so that one does not look pathetic.
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“People Can Be So Unkind!”

It’s the small things in life that add up to make the big ones. Leaving little compliments and happy thoughts strewn about not only improves the lives of those around us, but ours as well, directing our thoughts toward calmer pastures and away from the many and sundry distressing elements of day to day life.

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