Chickens Don’t Do That

From Start Your Week with Steve, the weekly newsletter of Steve Henderson Fine Art:

Steve Says:

Focus on your goal, not on what people say is impossible to do. Focus on Your Goal poster by Steve Henderson

Focus on your goal, not on what people say is impossible to do. Focus on Your Goal poster by Steve Henderson

“From everything our son, the family expert on chickens, has read, certain breeds go broody and hatch chicks, and certain breeds don’t. Our son went out of his way to track down and purchase something called a Sicilian Buttercup, which is apparently the perfect chicken, except that it doesn’t go broody.

“As Carolyn recounts in her article, Chickens, Dishwashing, and Keynesian Economics, apparently all the best sources of information aren’t necessarily the best sources, because our two Sicilian Buttercups, which aren’t supposed to go broody, hatch chicks, and be decent mothers, have gone ahead and done all that.

“It’s always good to keep an open mind. It’s also good to not be discouraged from a project or way of doing things because everyone around you tells you that it can’t be done.

“That’s generally people’s first response, you know. That it can’t be done. It doesn’t matter what “That” is, the only thing that’s certain is that it can’t be done.

“The next time you hear that, just say to yourself, ‘Sicilian Buttercup.'”

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About This Woman Writes

Carolyn Henderson is the marketing manager of Steve Henderson Fine Art. She writes about life, art, and the art of life.
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2 Responses to Chickens Don’t Do That

  1. That is just inspiring. Beautiful painting to go with words that embolden the heart. Yes, we need to focus on our goals, dreams and the things that will give us meaning, joy and fulfillment.

    • Thank you, Island Traveler, and thank you on behalf of Steve Henderson, the Norwegian Artist who has a magic touch with a paintbrush to create those beautiful paintings. Pursuing our dreams is tough and requires a lot of determination and perseverance, but it’s definitely worth doing!

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