Your Learning Curve

Own original art. Its beauty lasts beyond our lifetimes.

Own original art. Its beauty lasts beyond our lifetimes.

From Start Your Week with Steve, the weekly e-mail newsletter of Steve Henderson Fine Art.

Steve Says:

Carolyn wrote an article for Fine Art Views called Your Learning Curve, which addresses, well, our learning curve, and how sometimes we don’t embark upon a new project because we’re afraid that we won’t do it right the first time.

What we need to realize is that, in all likelihood, we will NOT do it right the first, or even second, or third time, but unless we get started at some point, we won’t know what to correct, because we’re not doing anything at all.

When it comes to my artwork, what I put out is the result of years and years and years of practice, hard work, learning, skill, and creativity, so what results is, indeed, very good, but the quality wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for all of the learning that came beforehand. Suffice it to say that, when I was 13, I didn’t paint anywhere near what I paint like now.

So it is with everything we do. When we first start, we must remember that we are first starting, and the expertise and ability will not come about without a tremendous amount of trying, making mistakes, and correcting those mistakes. Unless and until we come to this realization, we won’t start anything at all.

My present learning curve involves my Step by Step Watercolor Success YouTube video, which I am revising and reworking with the new movie maker software I have purchased, along with some very hard earned and well learned experience in how to use the product. I’m hoping to launch the revised video within the next couple weeks, and I’ll let you know when it is done.

Those of you who have purchased a DVD or download of Step by Step Watercolor Success will receive a free download of the new digital workshop when it is ready. I think you’ll be really excited at the additions and changes!

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Check out our open edition prints page on the Steve Henderson Fine Art website.

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