An Unforeseen Encounter

All of Steve’s Santa paintings are available as original oil paintings, signed limited edition prints, or posters.

The Story of This Painting — An Unforeseen Encounter by Steve Henderson of Steve Henderson Fine Art:

Like all lovers of Christmas, Santa enjoys browsing the festive, holiday-decorated streets. On Christmas Eve night, when all shoppers are home in their beds, awaiting morning’s surprises, Santa stops in his tracks and enjoys a moment of looking at, and chuckling over, himself, and himself, and himself.

A skiing Santa. Hmm. That’s novel, and the sunglasses add a touch of panache and class. A nostalgic Santa, a wise Santa, a Santa with an outrageously bushy beard. It’s something to think about as he makes his rounds of the city, delivering gifts to children in the apartments overhead.

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About This Woman Writes

Carolyn Henderson is the marketing manager of Steve Henderson Fine Art. She writes about life, art, and the art of life.
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