Grazing in the Salmon River Mountains — The Story of This Painting

Quiet, peaceful, serene. We can use these elements in our lives. Grazing in the Salmon River Mountains, original oil painting, 9 x 12 on panel, by Steve Henderson.

The story of the painting, Grazing in the Salmon River Mountains, by Steve Henderson, at Start Your Week with Steve.

The Pacific Northwest is a land of mountains and dreams, meadows and aspirations, hidden lakes and hard work. Recently, we visited a woman whose family homesteaded deep within the Salmon River Mountains, Idaho, and when she said that she, “lived up in the mountains,” we really had no idea how seriously she meant that.

Getting to our friend’s place is 20 minute drive, uphill, on winding and wending gravel roads. Neighbors, the human kind, are non-existent, but herds of deer make their gentle way through the place, nodding at the horses. Domestic and wild, both sets of animals live at peace with one another, because there is plenty of space in which to graze.

Breathe in the beauty of mountains, lake, silence, and serenity through the paintings of Steve Henderson. Shades of Turquoise, original oil painting by Steve Henderson.

Being country people, Steve and Carolyn are accustomed to living in relative quiet, but even where they live there are car sounds and tractor rumblings. But deep within the Salmon River Mountains there is true silence, so silent that one’s ear strains to hear a sound, any sound.

And there it is — an eagle’s cry. Or the whisper of the wind through the trees. And then there is more silence.

In a world where noise is constant and chronic, silence is an anomaly that has the potential to heal the wounds in our souls, simply because it enables us to think, to reflect, to meditate upon truth and life and wonder and grace. It is good to seek silence, and while most of us do not live deep, deep within embracing mountains, we can pull away from activity and busyness and noise for a mere five minutes in the day, and allow our spirits to rest.

Grazing in the Salmon River Mountains is an original oil painting on 9 x 12 canvas panel. It is framed with a gold frame, and visually, it provides the silence and rest and stillness that our spirits crave.

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