Harbor Faire: The Story of This Painting

A sense of gentle nostalgia imbues the air at the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival. Harbor Faire, original oil painting by Steve Henderson, sold.

The story of the painting, Harbor Faire, by Steve Henderson at Start Your Week with Steve:

Even if you don’t own a boat (and we don”t) the annual Wooden Boat Festival of Port Townsend, WA is a magical transportation back to a different time, when sailboats ruled the seas, and moving across the water depended upon wind, weather, and the ability to understand and gauge how they worked together.

One autumn, we gathered up whoever was living in the household at the time (Steve, Carolyn, and three kids), and traveled to the boat show. Port Townsend, a picturesque village any time of the year, arrayed itself in splendor, with more than 300 wooden boat “guests” gliding sedately through and around the harbor.

In contrast to this, military fighter jets tore through the skies in nearby Whidbey Island, where we were staying. During the day, we communed with the gentle sound of breeze dancing across canvas sails; at night, we ignored the roar of modern man.

Steve was unable to stay still, running from one dock to another, camera in hand, snapping reference material to review when we returned to our home, far away from wet and water. A gracious man from a patrol unit offered to take Steve out onto the water, into the midst of all the boats, and absorb the convivial atmosphere of sailors, and their crafts.

Boats or not, the ocean, and being by the sea, leads one to meditate, contemplate, and feel a sense of peace. Catching the Breeze, original oil painting by Steve Henderson, sold. Licensed open edition prints at Great Big Canvas, iCanvasART, and Amazon.com.

Harbor Faire takes place near the end of the day, when the setting sun on a mildly overcast day imbues a hue of sepia over the scene. There is a sense nostalgia, a busy sort of serenity, and peace.

Harbor Faire is sold, but Steve — who is fascinated by sailboats — has other works involving these beautiful craft, like Golden SeaGolden Opportunity, or Shore Leave, all of which are available as original paintings or licensed open edition prints from Great Big Canvas, Light in the Box, iCanvasART or Amazon.com. Autumn Sail is available as a print.

Please contact Carolyn@SteveHendersonFineArt.com for information on Promenade or any of Steve Henderson’s original and licensed fine art paintings.

Read more at Start Your Week with Steve.

Check out Steve’s artwork at Steve Henderson Fine ArtOriginal paintings — licensed open edition prints — Santa and Holiday.

If you are a manufacturer who would like to use Steve’s artwork on your products, please contact his agents, Matt Appelman (matt.appelman@artlicensing.com). You can see Steve’s Art Licensing page here.

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