The New Hat: The Story of This Painting

The New Hat 1940s nostalgia original oil figurative oil painting by Steve Henderson

Yes, we still wear hats, but baseball hats are hardly the same as the fashion of the 1940s. The New Hat, original oil painting by Steve Henderson.

The story of the painting, The New Hat, by Steve Henderson at Start Your Week with Steve:

There’s something about the 1940s, especially, and the 1930s, that we hearken back to. Of course, there is no “perfect” time, and especially those of us who are too young to have actually lived through an era, “live” it through the memories of others, the movies that have been made, and our impressions of what it was.

Impressions or no, however, the 1940s and the 1930s was a time of classy, and classical, fashion. Men and women wore hats, and few and far between are the people who do not look good in hats.

The New Hat is the first in a series of paintings celebrating an era of nostalgia, and the inspiration for this series was a woman of the day named Gladys Boldman.


Gladys was a career woman of the 1920s – 1940s. One of four daughters of a wheat farmer, she traveled through the area as a professional secretary and financial assistant in high end hotels. And yet, she never completely left the family home.

In 1912, when Gladys was four, the family moved into an 1883 farm home renovated into what became known as the Boldman House. Gladys was the last of her family to live there until 1999, when upon her death she bequeathed the home to the historical society. This home is the site used for The New Hat, which celebrates and honors the savvy and fashionable women of the 1930s and 1940s who stepped out into a man’s world and changed it.

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In The New Hat, Gladys is in the upstairs bedroom, trying on one of her many fashionable hats.

Read the Rest at Start Your Week with Steve.

The New Hat, the  Original Oil Painting by Steve Henderson, is available for purchase through the website. The 20 x 20 painting is painted on canvas panel, which is a superb substrate to capture color and brushstroke. The frame for The New Hat is included with the purchase of the painting.

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