The Failing Christian Corporation

The Quiet Place of trees in the Wallowa mountains, original oil painting by Steve Henderson

Perhaps, if businessmen and Christian leaders would step away from the noise into a quiet place of contemplation, they would make wiser decisions. The Quiet Place, original oil painting by Steve Henderson

Recently, I spent an hour on the phone with a scam artist who was pushing an extremely expensive, vastly overrated SEO service onto an unsuspecting client of mine. A 30-second Internet search — even nowadays as Google continues to limit, in subtle progression, access to information — brought up four top stories about the questionable ethics of this organization.

Nonetheless, the client wanted me to talk to the representative about the company blog — because this service was “free” — and I saw this as a great opportunity to get an answer to a question all bloggers ask (and many, many “experts” write books about):

“Give me just ONE concrete idea, that is workable and plausible, and that actually bumps up blog readership numbers.”

“Oh, well, there’s no one thing anyone can do, but if you write great content and get it out there, you’ll grab the readers!”

Live Happily on Less book by Carolyn Henderson at

If you want to know how to spend household money well, the best person to talk to about this might be a homemaker, because they generally make do one one, often modest, income. Paperback and digital at

If that’s an example of concrete, then it’s no wonder skyscrapers free fall in 10 seconds to the ground when airplanes hit them.

Please read the rest at Business Advice from a Homemaker at BeliefNet’s Commonsense Christianity. Homemakers, who can be reasonably intelligent people, not only have observations about business, but about Christianity as well — this latter which is being run to the ground like the average corporation these days.

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Carolyn Henderson is the marketing manager of Steve Henderson Fine Art. She writes about life, art, and the art of life.
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