Surviving the Work Week

Whatever day your Monday is, start it with class, aplomb, and encouragement. The New Hat, original oil painting by Steve Henderson.

Not everyone’s Monday is actually on Monday. But regardless of what day your week actually starts, it’s highly likely that it’s not a smooth transition from your day off to your day on.

This low point of our week, when we grab the last 45 seconds in bed before we really have to tumble out of it, is a time when we can punish ourselves with dispiriting, discouraging thoughts — ones that we have a lot of help coming up with because our society focuses on the wrong things.

As Christians, we don’t have to fall for misconceptions. Let’s look at three encouraging, truthful thoughts that will get us out of bed, and through the week:

Click on the image to see Live Happily on Less at

Click on the image to see Live Happily on Less at

Please click through to Three Encouraging Thoughts to Get You Through the Week at my blog, Commonsense Christianity at BeliefNet. As my regular readers know, I am only able to post a teaser at this site, and am eminently grateful when readers follow through the finish the whole post.

In today’s post, I am also providing you with a link to my book, Live Happily on Less because, no matter what you do, you probably feel that there is never enough money to live the way you want. Most people think the solution to this problem is to work more jobs or more hours, but if you change your way of looking at things, you can generally get by better than you think with what you have.

Live Happily on Less is a series of quick, easy to read bloggy essays that give you simple, reasonable ideas on how to make what you have, work better.

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