Christians: Here Are Three Sentences That Really Help People

Words are powerful, but not in the way prosperity preachers or New Age advocates claim. While words themselves do not convey any ability to create reality, simply because we utter them (e.g., “I CLAIM this blessing!”), they affect those around us because they soothe and heal, or they hurt and damage.

Phonograph Days inspirational original oil painting of young woman listening to music in Victorian piano room by Steve Henderson

The right words, said in the right spirit, are music to our souls. Phonograph Days, original oil painting by Steve Henderson.

Every day, regardless of what our job is, and whether or not we are involved in an official “ministry,” Christians have an opportunity to touch people’s souls by, literally and figuratively, speaking for Jesus.

In addition to the standard “Please,” “Thank You,” and “I was wrong and I apologize,” there are three powerful sentences that Christians can use to bless the ears, and lives, of those around them:

I’d love it if you clicked through and read the whole article, Three Things Christians Don’t Say Enough at Commonsense Christianity, BeliefNet because I’m unable to post the full piece here.

I’ll even lay two out of the three things we don’t say enough: “I don’t know,” and “I struggle with that, too.” The third one? That’s probably the most important one of them all. Click through, please?

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