Why Are Christians Panicking?

Like various government, corporate, and financial agencies, I scroll through Facebook to get an idea of how the populace is thinking, and the other day someone posted a video clip of Air Force Lt. General McInerney — somber, serious, and very authoritative looking — warning Fox News acolytes, er, viewers about the imminent Isis threat to the (non-existent) U.S. borders.

Chicken Little cartoon by Steve Henderson

What are we running from? And who is chasing us? Chicken Little cartoon by Steve Henderson.

Reminiscent of Mel Gibson’s cheesey Hollywood line in the movie Signs (“It’s happening . . . “), McInerney read from his teleprompter, “Beware America: They are coming for us.” It’s difficult to tell which of the two — Gibson or McInerney — managed the better monotone.

The response, to the sleeping Christian community on Facebook, was predictable:

“Blessed Savior,” one woman wrote. “Come for us!”

“I’m so afraid!” another posted. “Sweet Jesus, save us now!”

And while Jesus is on His way, whatever the government forces are wanting to do, do it, now, please, with Jesus’ blessing.

Is this the solution, and do we need to be this afraid? Please follow the link to my BeliefNet article, Frightened, Freaked out Christians at my blog, Commonsense Christianity. As regular readers know, I am only able to post a teaser on this site, but if you’re heading into the day afraid because you watched the news this morning, then please click through and view life from another perspective.

About This Woman Writes

Carolyn Henderson is the marketing manager of Steve Henderson Fine Art. She writes about life, art, and the art of life.
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