The Dumbing Down of America Marches on

I have a friend who worked for the medical publication industry — which creates articles and circulars that enjoin:

“Get your flu shot and eat those veggies!”

Provincial Afternoon inspirational original oil painting of two girls reading in meadow by Steve Henderson

Reading is a critical activity in which to engage to keep our minds from atrophying. Provincial Afternoon, original oil painting by Steve Henderson, sold.

Years ago, she explained, this written material was created at various reading levels, with the premiere offerings targeted to grade 14 or 15 (a sophomore or junior at college), designed for consumers who were truly curious about healthcare issues and wanted sufficient information to make intelligent choices. That was years ago. Now, most of the material is aimed at the 6th grade level, with the information designed for public aid recipients targeted to the 3rd and 4th grade reading level, or below:

“Flu shots! Veggies!”

While this says something disconcerting about the attitude of the medical and corporate publication establishments toward people they consider poor, it also maligns our entire reading populace.

I don’t know about you, but library runs aren’t as fun these days, because the shelves are filled with “series” books — the Knitting Shop Mystery Adventures, or The Amazing Sexy Man Who Does Impossible Things and Solves Crime series — and the formulaic writing, in addition to the simple syntactic fare, drives me into the Classic Novels section, every time.

If you’re cranky like me, please follow the link to the rest of the story at Commonsense Christianity, BeliefNet — Are We Dumbing Ourselves Down?

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