Little Angel Bright — The Story of This Painting

The story of the painting Little Angel Bright, by Steve Henderson at Start Your Week with Steve:

Christmas, like snowfall, prompts different responses in people: some roll their eyes, upset by commercialism; others insist that Santa has nothing to do with the spirit of the season; but many others — who think back to being a child and remember how agonizingly long it took for Christmas Day to arrive — see it as a magical, joyful, simple time of innocence.

Little Angel Bright inspirational original oil painting of Santa and little girl by Steve Henderson, licensed print at iCanvasART

Let’s approach Christmas as a magical time, one of wonderment and innocence. Little Angel Bright, original oil painting by Steve Henderson. Licensed print at iCanvasART.

“It was so difficult to go to bed the night before,” a young adult commented to us, “and it’s not so long ago that I experienced that.

“I think back to that excitement, that overwhelming sense of anticipation and happiness, and it puts into perspective adulthood. For so long, I wanted to grow up and stop being a child, but now that I’m here, I remember some of the simple, unpretentious aspects of that childhood, and I remind myself that life is more than work, bills, and worry.”

In Little Angel Bright, a young girl — who no doubt couldn’t sleep — lives the fantasy of childhood by not only seeing Santa, but being enlisted as his temporary helper in fulfilling the all-important task of placing the angel at the top of the tree. The child focuses her attention on the placement of the angel, and Santa focuses his attention on the child — and therein lies the very basis of the Spirit of Christmas: a focus on children, and childhood, and joy, and innocence.

All of us, at some point, were children, and remembering back to a time when we thought differently, and hoped for things that adulthood now tells us are impossible, enables us to put into perspective what we call reality, but wish that it weren’t: it doesn’t have to be all about work, and bills, and worry.

In contrast to the cool dark of the night outside, the warm light of the tree and the angel reflects on the faces of Santa and the little girl. For a moment in time, Santa and child celebrate light, and beauty, and hope.

Read the rest at Start Your Week with Steve.

Little Angel Bright is an original oil painting, 24 x 24, on canvas.  You can watch the process of it being painted at the YouTube Video.

Little Angel Bright is also available as a licensed, open edition print at iCanvasART.

Little Angel Bright is also available as a signed limited edition print and open edition poster at Steve Henderson Fine Art.

As always, feel free to contact Steve Henderson Fine Artdirectly by e-mailing with your questions and comments about Steve’s original oil and watercolor paintings or licensed open edition prints.

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