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Children Have Something to Teach Adults

Children see the world differently — and adults can learn from their viewpoint. Continue reading

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God Wants Us to Be Children, Not Stuffy, Boring, Arrogant Grown-ups

Children are fascinating. Oh, I know — kids are messy, noisy, disruptive. They break things, fall down and cry, tease one another, and chase any sensible cat or dog from the room simply by walking into it. But they are … Continue reading

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Think Like a Child

Do you remember how you used to think as a child? Most of us don’t. Inoculated by the education and entertainment industries, we learned — while still far too young – to prize being cool over being honest. More important … Continue reading

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When Bad Things Happen, It’s Not Because We’re Bad

Too many Christians believe that they are unsatisfactory to God, and His primary purpose is to punish them for wrongdoing — in order to make them “better.” Why kind of father thinks like this? Continue reading

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Blessed Are the Rejects

Maybe it’s because we live in the country and don’t have a proper lawn, but I really like dandelions. To most (urban/suburban) people focused on keeping that living carpet pristinely green, dandelions are a scourge, a pest, an abomination that … Continue reading

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Who Cares Who You Voted for — Whom Do You Love?

The peculiar thing about living in a mass media culture is that we feel as if we know people we actually know nothing about, like Don, or Hillary, Barack, George Jr. and his good old dad, Ron, Bill, Beyonce, Oprah, … Continue reading

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How Meaningful Is Your Job, and Your Life?

The other day I chatted with a young woman who was excited about her first “real” job, that of a counselor working with troubled and potentially suicidal clients. “It’s good to be doing something that means something, you know?” she … Continue reading

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It’s Okay to Do Nothing for God

Sometimes, doing nothing is what God wants us to do. It’s a difficult concept, this doing nothing, conditioned as we are through multiple weekly church inculcations to see works as a means of expressing our faith: we attend services and … Continue reading

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Attack and Kill-Style Christianity

No matter how much TV we watch, Facebook we follow, or YouTubes of inane music videos we ingest — in other words, no matter what our level of apathy and willingness to allow others to control our minds — we … Continue reading

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None of Our Children Attended Harvard

“See to it that no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deceit, according to human tradition.” Colossians 2:8 We successfully homeschooled four kids. They’re all decent adults, capable of thinking for themselves, independently minded, cognizant that nothing in … Continue reading

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