Morning’s Glory: The Story of This Painting

The story of the painting, Morning’s Glory, by Steve Henderson at Start Your Week with Steve:

Morning's Glory inspirational original oil painting of still life floral roses in green glass vase by Steve Henderson

The message of flowers is one of beauty, joy, and hope. Morning’s Glory, original oil painting by Steve Henderson.

Flowers are a symbol of hope, beauty, joy, happiness, good wishes, and cheer. We give them to one another on birthdays and anniversaries as an outward sign of our celebration; we bring them to people who are sick as a means to say express our love and wishes for their getting well; we offer them to one we have harmed as a tangible sign of apology.

Flowers are one of the few items in our lives that are associated with positive, good emotions, and while there will always be sadly perverse artists who twist the beauty of flowers into something glorifying death, decay, and depression, Steve is not one of them.

In Morning’s Glory, we find ourselves near a window, a vase of flowers basking in the sunlight of a new day. In the background, a wooden fence hints that we are in a rural area, quite possibly on a winter’s day as the foliage that we can see is not in full bloom.

Yet the flowers are — a reminder that, in all seasons and at all times, there is color, and life, and beauty around us, and when we see it, we celebrate it.

Morning’s Glory is an original oil painting on panel, 20 x 16, available through Steve Henderson Fine Art.

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Steve offers a full array of original oil and watercolor paintings and licensed art prints, because he believes that art is a gift all people should be able to enjoy.

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