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Freedom Isn’t a “Want.” It’s a Need.

There are a lot of things we want in life, and few things we actually need. Which is not to say that what we want isn’t important: it is. And be assured that as time goes by and the billionaires … Continue reading

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Reject Corporate Culture and Find Something Real Instead

Surely, our culture must be more than working too hard, constantly feeling overwhelmed, and burying our faces in our phones? Continue reading

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Don’t Let the Parasites Define Who You Are

Both religion and science have their own version of the doctrine of original sin. It’s wise not believing in either of their teachings. Continue reading

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Insist upon Living Your Life

Time is a precious gift. And while most of us feel like we never have enough of it, we can be determined to spend what we have wisely, and well. Continue reading

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Movies Aren’t Real — But Life Is

Real life doesn’t look like the movies. It looks real and deep and genuine. Continue reading

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Storms of Life: We Survive Them

As long as we’re not out in the middle of it, and as long as it’s not too violent, there’s nothing like a good storm. Dramatic clouds drifting around the sun cast surreal light over a scene that, on a … Continue reading

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End Your Day on a Good Note

Too many people end their day in the same way they began it: rushed and hurried, anxious and worried. Think about it: it’s a cultural norm to wake up to an alarm clock or some song on the phone.  And … Continue reading

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How Meaningful Is Your Job, and Your Life?

The other day I chatted with a young woman who was excited about her first “real” job, that of a counselor working with troubled and potentially suicidal clients. “It’s good to be doing something that means something, you know?” she … Continue reading

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Why Your Life on This Planet Means Something

All human beings like to feel that we have a reason for existing. It’s not narcissistic: created in the image of a creative God, we have it in us — in our genes, in our DNA, in our soul, in our … Continue reading

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Celebrate the Little Things of Life — The Evening Ahead

The story of the painting, The Evening Ahead, by Steve Henderson at Start Your Week with Steve. There is a pleasurable sense of anticipation when we are preparing for a special evening or notable event. And the beauty of it all … Continue reading

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