Celebrate the Little Things of Life — The Evening Ahead

The story of the painting, The Evening Ahead, by Steve Henderson at Start Your Week with Steve.

There is a pleasurable sense of anticipation when we are preparing for a special evening or notable event. And the beauty of it all is that the event does not have to be gigantic, or momentous, to instill a sense of well being and joy.

The Evening Ahead inspirational original oil painting of fashionable vogue woman dressing her hair by Steve Henderson

Part of the pleasure of any outing is the anticipation and preparation beforehand. The Evening Ahead, original oil painting by Steve Henderson.

Indeed, because it is often the smallest things that bring the greatest impact, there is potential for great joy, given that life is full of many small things. We don’t have to wait to win the lottery to be happy; we simply plan an outing — whether it’s a picnic on the back porch or a chef’s table at a fine restaurant — and think gentle thoughts upon it as we prepare.

So it is in the painting, The Evening Ahead, fresh off the easel. Celebrating the simple joys of life, The Evening Ahead joins a beautiful woman in her boudoir (do we still use that term? It’s a grand way of thinking about the rooms in our house) as she prepares for a night on the town. She is relaxed and at peace, concentrating upon the sweep of her hair.

In the background, a mirror reflects a gauzy image back at the woman, a a figurative reflection of her soft, calm thoughts.

Soft, calm thoughts. These are good things to have, and any circumstance that promotes them is worth seeking and encouraging.

The Evening Ahead is an original oil painting on panel, 24 x 18. With the gold frame included with its purchase, it has a finished wall hanging size of 30 x 24.

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About This Woman Writes

Carolyn Henderson is the marketing manager of Steve Henderson Fine Art. She writes about life, art, and the art of life.
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2 Responses to Celebrate the Little Things of Life — The Evening Ahead

  1. allycarter1 says:

    I really love that painting! It’s beautiful

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