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What Is Freedom? And Are We Free?

Freedom begins with thinking. The more noise, the more chatter, the more distractions, the less easy it is to get away from it all and process all we are being told. Continue reading

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Managing Thinking, Creative People — Why?

Look it up on the Internet sometime: how to manage people. It’s something business and corporation interests obsess about: How to Manage People Who Don’t Want to Be Managed Managing Difficult People Don’t Manage: Lead Be the Leader That People … Continue reading

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The Freedom to Celebrate — Or Not Bother With — Easter

Freedom is one of those words we wax eloquent about, whether we’re singing a patriotic hymn or weeping through a religious event at a football stadium, but when it comes to actually experiencing it, or demanding the reality of what freedom promises, … Continue reading

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Homeland: The Story of This Painting

The story of the painting, Homeland 1, by Steve Henderson, at Start Your Week with Steve: Some of those old sayings get uttered so much, we no longer hear what they’re saying, “Home is where the heart is,” is one of them. Perhaps … Continue reading

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The Privacy of Our Minds

Lately, every time I open the mail from a government agency, or a health care provider, or a utility entity, I find an extra piece of scrap paper to write my grocery list on — a privacy notice stating how … Continue reading

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Let Freedom Ring — Start with School Lunch

Well, so the election is coming up, or sort of happening, the excitement of an actual election day long watered down by a two or three or four-week voting “process.” Somehow, it’s just not the same thing, sitting down at … Continue reading

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