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It’s Time to Change Our Minds about Repenting

Some words are off-putting, like rancid bacon slowly turning green in the back drawer of the fridge. One of these words, frequently used and misused within churchified Christian circles, is “repent,” which brings to mind debasement and public humiliation as the acolyte … Continue reading

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Leaving Church

Leaving church — whether a specific fellowship or the industrial model altogether — is not a decision people make lightly. Nor is it one that others take well, and if you are in the process of dropping out of a … Continue reading

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Spiritual Abuse

Years ago in my little town, there was a restaurant that was known not for the quality of its food (above average), the ambiance of its surroundings (cheap chic), or the professionalism of its staff (non-existent). It was famous, and wildly … Continue reading

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