It’s a Good Hair Day and I Can Do Anything!

I am so ready to tackle the world today.

Tackling the world on a good hairday, Canyon Silhouettes by Steve Henderson

I just got back from getting my hair cut, and for this one day, my hair will be perfect, and, as you know, when your hair is perfect, you can do anything.

Theoretically, I should be able to repeat the “do” tomorrow, since I showed my hairdresser my styling routine and asked her to shape my locks into a design that fits my morning ablutionary practice:

I look around for a brush, which, if it’s not in the sink, congealing, is non-existent. I then grab handfuls of hair, squeeze, and shake. Copious quantities of hairspray keep every follicle exactly where it falls.

That’s it.

I know that some people spend hours to get this messy look, but seriously, it only takes seconds. Of course, it doesn’t look stylistically messy, the same way true minimal makeup doesn’t look like artistically applied minimal makeup, but either you have time for breakfast or you have deliberately premeditated, artlessly unstructured hair.

Do you males in the room even think about these things?

Do you men think about your hair? Boy Scout, by Steve Henderson

Obviously not, since you just shove a baseball cap over whatever’s left on your head and call it James Bond undercover as a farmer. Come on, boys, is that how you dressed on the first date with your girl?

Hats – real ones – aren’t such a bad idea though. In the winter I have a series of fetching, knitted berets and fedoras that extend the regular six-week recommended trip to the hairdresser to a quarterly visit – after 10 years, this blessed woman is accustomed to my panicked phone calls:

“I’ve got to do something NOW! I know your schedule’s full and I don’t expect to get in right away, but do you have anything before noon?”

Sometimes, you can still see the teenaged girl in all of us.

This last time I was proud of myself, having given my remarkably patient and easygoing salon specialist a good week’s notice, via Facebook. And it’s fortunate I got in, because the weather’s not cold enough yet for cerebral knitwear.

The Norwegian Artist – who keeps his hair short and sexy – is not a baseball cap sort of guy, but more of an Australian outback floppy safari man. When he goes out to chop wood, I know that he’ll be able to tackle any black mambas or berserk kangaroos or cleverly concealed crocs out there. He’d look great in one of those 1940s style felt fedoras – actually, any man does – but until we can figure out a way to pair this fashion with t-shirts, and NOT stray into the pretend world of  big boys bad boy ganstas, we girls are out of luck.

The Crocodile Hunter look isn’t a bad compromise though – rugged, tough, confident, a little bit sweaty and disheveled – sounds like a good definition of a man to me.

So I’m on this one-woman crusade to bring back stylish headwear, and living deep in the depth of forgotten rural country, it’s unlikely that anyone will hear me, much less listen.

It's time for action, not thought! Rumination by Steve Henderson

Except for today – when my hair is perfect and I can do anything. So what am I waiting for? It’s mid-afternoon, and I’ve got a world to change!

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5 Responses to It’s a Good Hair Day and I Can Do Anything!

  1. Candace Rose says:

    discheveled…this misspelling makes the word look all the more unruly 🙂
    Hope you enjoyed your good hair power day!

  2. Gracious — it looks like there was one thing I wasn’t able to do today. Thank you for your good eyes! I have fixed the prublem, er, problemm, um . . .

    Is my hair style falling apart as we speak?

  3. Jana says:

    I’ve gotten by for about 2 decades with one haircut a year. Hairsticks for putting my hair up, pony-tail holders (“scrunchies”) and ball caps are the answer. Oh, and great earrings for distraction! Dang, I’m lazy! (or cheap?) Recently I’ve been thinking about grown-up hair – layers, goo, spray. . . nah, I’m too busy.

    By the way, what does this mean? “big boys bad boy ganstas” In addition to being cheap and lazy, I’m ignorant about pop culture, which I am assuming this is about. Thanks!

  4. Jana, there’s nothing like a totally different hair cut for re-inventing yourself — it’s amazing.

    I, also, am out of the loop about contemporary pop culture, which lasts about an hour or so before it gets bored and moves onto something else. We’ve had the saggy pants, the uber sloppy shirts. Rappy people think they look cool wearing baseball hats backwards when really, they look like young, scruffy farmers.

  5. Jana says:

    “rappy people”? That’s hilarious!!

    And did you know that untucked shirts are in style for men?? For grown-up adult males in a semi-dressy situation (not with ties!)??

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