Tea for Two

Santa’s a busy man, but he ALWAYS has time for the children who love him. Tea for Two, original oil painting by Steve Henderson of Steve Henderson Fine Art.

From Start Your Week with Steve:

The Story of this Painting:

It is Christmas Eve night, late. All of the household is asleep. But the youngest child awakens; hearing a sound downstairs, she investigates – because she is young, because she is innocent, and because she is not afraid of sounds downstairs on Christmas Eve night.

And there he is – Santa. Unsurprised to see her, because nothing surprises Santa, he smiles and says, “Merry Christmas, Little One.”

“Will you have tea with me, Santa?” she asks.

“I would be delighted,” he replies. Santa time is different from our time, and though he has a full night ahead of him, time is never an issue. The two of them share their meal together, a special tea with a child’s tea set, Santa stuffing himself into a chair that is much too small for him, and they talk about the things that are important to little girls and Santa. On her face, you see joy mingled with awe that this is actually happening to her. Neither of them will ever forget this night.

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Read the rest, and subscribe to this free weekly e-mail newsletter, at Start Your Week with Steve at Steve Henderson Fine Art. All artwork has some sort of story behind it, and each week we choose a painting of Steve’s and let you know more about it. You are welcome to contact me, Carolyn, manager of Steve Henderson Fine Art at Carolyn@SteveHendersonFineArt.com for any comments or questions you have about Steve’s work.

If you are a manufacturer, please contact me or our licensing agent, Matt Appelman of Art Licensing (matt.appelman@artlicensing.com) to learn how to put Steve’s artwork onto your products.

See all of Steve Henderson’s holiday paintings at his website on the Christmas and Holidays page. Many of these works, in addition to being available as original oil paintings, may also be purchased as signed limited edition prints and posters. Enjoy Christmas, all year long.

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Carolyn Henderson is the marketing manager of Steve Henderson Fine Art. She writes about life, art, and the art of life.
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