Something for Everyone

And if there were a real mouse in the house, how big would its stocking be? This is one of those things that Santa knows. Something for Everyone, original oil painting, signed limited edition print, and open edition poster at Steve Henderson Fine Art.

The story of the painting, Something for Everyone, by Steve Henderson of Steve Henderson Fine Art:

So often, they are forgotten – the dog and the cat – but not in Santa’s world. Within that capacious bag of dolls and blocks and books and toys there are treats for man’s best friend and for cats, who are generally happiest being their own best friends.

The dog being a dog, it focuses on one thing at a time, but the cat sniffs, and thinks, and tries to maintain some sense of dignity while it investigates its gift. Santa isn’t fooled. He takes a moment to play with his furry friend before placing the toy in the itty bitty stocking on the mantle.

The model dog, which has never been a model dog in one sense of the word, is named Roxy. For the first two years of her life, she was on daily probation, because she ran, jumped, barked, chewed, knocked into, pushed over, and made general nuisance of herself. Now going on 7, she is no longer on probation, but she still runs, jumps, barks, chews, knocks into people, pushes others over, and thinks that cats are play toys without strings.

The cat’s name is Studio, because we had an idea that he would be a charming addition to the Norwegian Artist’s studio and that he would, well, sit, in the chair and just enjoy being part of the room. This cat does not sit. He goes after anything that moves, and if he can’t bring it down, he will adhere to it with claws and teeth. When what he is adhering to is your leg, this gets a little disturbing.

But Santa loves all earth’s creatures, and he doesn’t forget Roxy, Studio, and all the other good doggies and nice kitties out there on Christmas Eve Night.

Something for Everyone is available through Steve Henderson Fine Art as an original oil painting, signed limited edition print, and open edition poster. Join Steve’s free weekly e-mail newsletter, Start Your Week with Steve.

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Carolyn Henderson is the marketing manager of Steve Henderson Fine Art. She writes about life, art, and the art of life.
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