Reflection: The Story of this Painting

The ocean has always been a place where one can lose oneself in play, or thought. Reflection, original oil painting by Steve Henderson; open edition print at Great Big Canvas.

The ocean has always been a place where one can lose oneself in play, or thought. Reflection, original oil painting by Steve Henderson; open edition print at Great Big Canvas.

The story of the painting Reflection, by Steve Henderson of Steve Henderson Fine Art:

Reflection is a painting of puns and meditation, playfulness and deep thought. A child — small in both age and actual size on the work — is its central figure, with an adult in the background, deep in thought.

The adult figuratively reflects. The puddle, into which the child is about to leap without any reflection at all, literally mirrors, or reflects, the colors and shapes from the sky above and the looming rocks.

The adult stares out to see, wondering, perhaps, at its very vastness, and comparing the impossibility of crossing it to the sheer challenge of facing life. For the child, it’s not a matter crossing the body of water as it is plunging into the midst of it — but that’s okay, because puddles aren’t as deep as oceans, and she isn’t going to sink.

Which are we — the child, or the adult? Perhaps the best answer is, both. When we grow up, we frequently leave our puddle jumping days behind us, but always, in the very depths of who we are is the child. As we grow into adults and gain in meditative thought and wisdom, we frequently wonder who we really are.

The mountains, as well, are a place for reflection and thought. Lady of the Lake, original oil painting by Steve Henderson; licensed open edition print at Great Big Canvas.

The answer to that is to think back to the child that we once were. That innocent personage, the one who jumped in puddles, never truly leaves us. She, or he, simply gets buried by the issues and concerns of adult life, and in order to find and connect with that essential part of our nature, we spend time in reflection, remembering the days when we jumped in puddles.

We can still jump in puddles, you know. All that will happen is that our feet will get wet.

Reflection is available as an original oil painting, 24 x 30, at Steve Henderson Fine Art. It is gallery wrapped, which means that it is ready to hang without a frame. Reflection is also available as an open edition print at Great Big Canvas.

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