Field of Dreams — The Story of This Painting

Springtime is a field of dreams for many of us, sharing the promise of the season to come. Field of Dreams, original oil painting by Steve Henderson.

The story of the painting, Field of Dreams, from Start Your Week with Steve of Steve Henderson Fine Art:

Where we live, in the banana belt of Southeastern Washington, spring is here.

A time of change and transition, spring gives us sunlight and warm breezes one moment, and in literally the next moment, driving rain and cold. But on the whole, a sense of hope prevails as new life emerges, trees blossom with promise for summer’s fruit, and the daffodils make their annual grand entrance into society.

Field of Dreams, 36 x 30 original oil on canvas, gallery wrapped, celebrates this sense of wonder, hope, joy and contentment, with a wash of wildflowers beginning in the foreground and extending back into the hills of the background, which blaze coral in the setting sun.

Many wildflowers and herbaceous plants are considered weeds when they’re in a yard, but the countryside embraces all sorts of foliage. Even the humble dandelion has its place and purpose, its roots driving into clay-packed soil and breaking it up for subsequent plants to enjoy.

To some extent, all fields are fields of dreams, because anywhere that plants grow is a place where beauty exists — from the most manicured garden to the unshaped countryside of a field like the one above, life abounds, above and below ground, and it changes and adapts with the seasons.

Happy Spring, everyone.

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