Promenade: The Story of This Painting

The beauty of the garden blooms all year long in Promenade, original oil painting by Steve Henderson, sold. Licensed open edition prints at Great Big Canvas and iCanvasART.

The Story of the Painting, Promenade, at Start Your Week with Steve by Steve Henderson Fine Art:

Gardens are good places, whether they consist of vegetables and berries, or masses of flowers. From the beginning of time and the Garden of Eden, humans have been drawn to these oases of foliage, greenery, color, and growth.

The young woman in Promenade is walking through the backyard garden of a close friend of ours. After years of living in an apartment, our friend found herself the owner of a house, and this garden. The previous owner, an inveterate gardener who spent as many waking hours outside as she could, filled the space with flowers and flowering perennials, designed to emerge one after another.

“I had no idea what to expect,” our friend told us. “While I love flowers, I never had the opportunity to work with them before, and beginning in very early spring, things started to bloom. I took photos and showed them to the local extension agent, asking him, ‘What’s this?’ Or I looked through images on the Internet until I found what looked like what was growing in my backyard.

“Many evenings, after work, I sat on the deck and simply absorbed all the color and the growth. This is such a beautiful place.”

The young woman in Promenade walks gently, peacefully through a private paradise. Coyly peeking past the viewer to someone we can’t see, she performs a graceful dance amongst the efflorescence of Nature’s beauty.

Read more at Start Your Week with Steve.

Promenade, the original oil painting, is sold. It is available as a licensed, open edition print at Great Big Canvas and iCanvasART.

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