Catching the Breeze: The Story of This Painting

The background is almost abstract, and the woman walking through the atmosphere is very, very real. Catching the Breeze, art print from Steve Henderson Collections.

In professional fine art, the term “local color” refers to the actual color a viewer expects to see — in a landscape, figurative work, or still life painted in a representational manner. Local color is not a term one uses with an abstract painting.

Now the beauty of working with local color is that you can push it, pull it, stretch it, and play with it, and this is what Steve has done with the painting, Catching the Breeze.

We’re on the beach at sunset, and those of you who have experienced glorious sunsets on the coast know that there are pinks, purples, corals, oranges, yellows, and warm, warm, reds. This palette of God’s across the clouds and sky is what infuses so much emotion into a coastal twilight.

And this palette of warm colors is what Steve has chosen to push, to its limits, in Catching the Breeze — emphasizing the deep, rich colors of the sunset and scaling back on any greens or blues that one mentally expects to see (because the ocean’s blue, right?) A skillful use of lavender, interspersed with greys, white, and abalone, subtly contrasts with the warm hues, drawing them out further.

The perfect companion to Catching the Breeze, Ocean Breeze incorporates and celebrates the same warm, vibrant palette of color. Art print from Steve Henderson Collections.

The result is an atmosphere of color, mystery, and grace — the young woman strolling meditatively through a seascape, her elegant manteau catching the breeze, thereby fusing her into her background: the ocean, the beach: they are there, but in an abstract manner blended with realism, the same way that the colors are unreal, yet real.

The overall effect is one of high color, movement, and emotion.

The original painting, Catching the Breeze is sold. The collector who purchased it told Steve, “I feel as if I am the woman in this painting. I look at it, and I am there.” Prints of Catching the Breeze are available at this link at Steve Henderson Collections.

And “there” is a good place to be.

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