The Three Lies Satan Tempts Us with

If you read the Gospels at all, at some point you’ll run into the temptation of Jesus, by Satan, in the desert, since the story is in three out of four of the books (Matthew 4: 1-11; Mark 1: 12, 13; and Luke 4: 1-13).

This is a picture of Archie the cat, whose expression of doubtful disdain is one we all can adopt when it comes to the many lies that are told us.

Like many accounts in the Bible, it’s easy to read through these quickly and say, “Oh, yeah, I’ve seen that before,” and not slow down to focus on what the passage is saying. What it’s saying, however, is pretty important to us, because it shows us the three major ways that Satan tempts, teases, and tortures us because those are the three options he offered to Jesus:

Jesus “was led by the Spirit in the desert, where for forty days he was tempted by the devil.” (Luke 4: 1)

What are these temptations?

Please follow the link to the rest of the story, Satan’s Three Lies, at my blog, Commonsense Christianity at BeliefNet. I am unable to publish the full post here, so respectfully request your patience and willingness to click through.

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