Are You a Nobody?

Children — definitely a member of the undervalued class in modern society. Wild Child, original oil painting by Steve Henderson.

Have you ever wondered why, in the Nativity story, a host of angels appeared to a bunch of shepherds, other than that, thousands of years later, shepherds would make a great addition to the figurine collection in a Nativity set? We don’t have a lot of shepherds in our societies today, and the average university student doesn’t embark upon a degree leading to Shepherding Management and Business Techniques, with a minor in Goats. Shepherds, in Jesus’ day, were the equivalent of office drones in ours, or retail clerks — hourly wage earners who put in long hours for little pay, receive little or no recognition for their skills, ambitions, intellect or cognitive abilities, and have no need to keep Linked In profiles because they’re not considered professionals, at all. They’re — in the world’s eyes — nobodies. Please read the rest at Worthless in the World’s Eyes, which is at my Commonsense Christianity blog at BeliefNet. I am not able to print the entire article here, and ask that you click through, especially if, like most people, you feel undervalued now and then. This article is linked to Nourishing Joy, Mama’s Story, Modest MomLife of Faith, Moms the Word, Mum Monday, Stitch by Stitch, Serendipity, Frugal Crafty Home, Life in Balance, Mopping the FloorThoughtful SpotWholehearted HomeRaising Homemakers, Walk in His GraceA Wise WomanMy Joy Focused LifeWelcome PartyMom SolutionsMy Disorganized LifeJennifer DawnDucks in a RowLovely LadiesMoonlight MasonWe Are That FamilyI Choose JoyGraced SimplicityHope in Every SeasonJenni MullinixHearts for HomeGrowing in GraceShine Blog Hop, Serving JoyfullyBlog PartyOver 50

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Carolyn Henderson is the marketing manager of Steve Henderson Fine Art. She writes about life, art, and the art of life.
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6 Responses to Are You a Nobody?

  1. John Quinlan says:

    My favorite poet,Emily Dickinson, wrote…
    …………I’m nobody! who are you?
    Are you–Nobody too?
    Then there’s a pair of us!
    Don’t tell! they’d advertise–you know!

    How dreary–to be Somebody!
    How public–like a frog—
    To tell one’s name–the livelong June-
    To an admiring Bog!

    • What a lovely poem, John! I have not read much Dickinson, but this makes me want to seek her out. The gentle wit, deprecating sense of humor, and wisdom — her words are timeless.

  2. Jill says:

    Your analogy of shepherds to todays office workers being drones really jump started my thoughts. Going to finish the article right now!

  3. Jill says:

    P.S. I am so sorry, I had a little helper while I was typing! The link was really unnecessary! HA!

  4. I left a comment on your other post but I really enjoyed this. Thanks!

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