Wild Child: The Story of This Painting

wild child little girl running through meadows by sea and Victorian house oil painting by Steve Henderson

The freedom and innocence of childhood are feelings we long for throughout our lives. Wild Child, original oil painting by Steve Henderson; licensed open edition print at Great Big Canvas and iCanvasART.

The story of the painting Wild Child by Steve Henderson, at Start Your Week with Steve:

Deep down, no matter how cynical we are, we know that childhood should be a precious age. If you have spent any time with a five-year-old, you grasp that reality and fantasy blend in their mind and world, and while our adult practicality wants to “correct” this, if we are wise we will relax and let the wisdom of the child teach.

This is why we have Santa, and Winnie the Pooh, and the Velveteen Rabbit, and the Chronicles of Narnia, timeless children’s stories that remind us that life does not have to be all about stock options and managerial meetings and convoluted phone bills and too much depressing news.

Wild Child is a celebration of childhood at its magical best, featuring a young girl running through the fields and grass to her seaside home. Life is simple, pure, safe, and innocent, and there is an ache in us that never goes away, longing for a life such as this.

Yes, reality intervenes, and yes, pointless meetings are not about to go away anytime soon, but this does not stop us from seeking out the beauty and innocence that there is, because beauty and innocence do exist.

Step Success watercolor DVD for beginning and intermediate painters by Steve Henderson at amazon.com

Step by Step Watercolor Success is a watercolor workshop in DVD form, designed for beginning and intermediate watercolor painters. By Steve Henderson, at Amazon.com

This is why fine art is important, and why it is not the “luxury” that our jaded, modern age says it is, with a tired sigh. A fine artist, like Steve Henderson, sees the beauty, and the innocence, and the joy, and the childlike world, and he captures it with paint, on canvas. What he creates then inspires the viewer, who, upon coming home in the traffic, from the workplace, after too long of a day encountering situations that are not magical and childlike — sees the painting, and sees the hope.

Wild Child, the   Original Oil Painting by Steve Henderson, is available for purchase through the website. The 26 x 30 painting is gallery wrapped, and is ready to hang as is. Wild Child is also available as a licensed, open edition print at Great Big Canvas and iCanvasART.

Read the rest at Start Your Week with Steve.

Please contact Carolyn@SteveHendersonFineArt to inquire about any of Steve’s original oil and watercolor paintings or licensed open edition prints.

Check out Steve’s artwork at Steve Henderson Fine ArtOriginal paintings — licensed open edition prints — Santa and Holiday. Steve’s licensed work is available at Great Big CanvasiCanvasARTAmazon.comLight in the Box, and Framed Canvas Art.

If you are a manufacturer who would like to use Steve’s artwork on your products, please contact his agents, Matt Appelman (matt.appelman@artlicensing.com). You can see Steve’s Art Licensing page here.

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