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The Power of Doing Nothing

Busy, purposeful, efficient, enterprising — these are words of excellence and worth in American culture. When you think about it, the U.S. doesn’t actually have a culture, unless you consider going to work, thinking about ways to get rich, spending … Continue reading

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Fomenting Hate Divides Us — and Divided, We Are Weak

“From now on, five in one household will be divided, three against two and two against three.”¬†(Luke 12:52) I was chatting with a Millennial the other day. Millennials, if you haven’t noticed, are popular in corporatized America. This¬†group of people … Continue reading

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Why I — a Christian — Celebrate Halloween

It’s okay to hate Halloween. Lots of Christians do, because they feel that the day’s pagan roots are so dreadful, there’s no room for celebration, compromise, or wiggle room. It’s also okay to love Halloween, and I’m one of those … Continue reading

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Support Everyday Americans When You Support Small Business

My sandals are falling apart. Not the leather ones that the dog chewed up; structurally, those shoes were fine. No, these are sandals that I purchased from a reputable store with a big-chain name, the kind of place I’m supposed … Continue reading

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