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Get More Done by Slowing Down

An important part of reaching our goals is to slow down. Corporate culture tells us to work and work and work, but reality and truth tell us to take time to think and rest Continue reading

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Don’t Give Up

If dreams weren’t bigger than reality, then they wouldn’t be dreams. Just don’t let anyone tell you that they’re too big for you to achieve. Continue reading

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Is It Impossible? Maybe Not.

By what age do we stop believing in six impossible things before breakfast? I’m not sure, but I do know that too many of us have not only stopped believing in, and reaching for, impossible things. We also give up … Continue reading

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You’re Unique — So Be Unique

Every human being is unique, different, and distinctive. The imaginary world of movies pretends to celebrate this fact, and maverick protagonists are popular. But their problems aren’t our problems, and their issues are rarely if ever solved in a realistic, … Continue reading

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God Wants Us to Be Children, Not Stuffy, Boring, Arrogant Grown-ups

Children are fascinating. Oh, I know — kids are messy, noisy, disruptive. They break things, fall down and cry, tease one another, and chase any sensible cat or dog from the room simply by walking into it. But they are … Continue reading

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Living in Limbo-Land

Dreams are great things. They push us, prod us, exhilarate us, give us hope for a brighter¬†future. They also frustrate us to no end, especially when we have a dream, a desire, a longing, an aching — for years and … Continue reading

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God Cares about Our Dreams

From the time we are schoolchildren, we are regularly assured, “You can be anything you want to be. Just dream it, and it will come true.” Do an Internet search on “following your dreams” and you’ll come up with everything … Continue reading

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Achieving Impossible Dreams

From Start Your Week with Steve, the weekly newsletter of Steve Henderson Fine Art — Steve Says: “When we tell people what we do — I paint, Carolyn writes — the general response is, ‘Wow, that’s my dream job.’ ¬†“It … Continue reading

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Is It Realistic, Following Our Dreams?

This week’s article comes with a visual — the Bold Innocence art print by Steve Henderson that encourages us to Dream Big! “Yeah, well I tried to follow my dreams but I got a big fat nowhere,” somebody told me … Continue reading

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