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Kicked out of the Group? Take Time to Think

It’s difficult to think deep, serious, life changing thoughts in the middle of a rock concert. Obviously, rock concerts aren’t set up for deep thinking and meditation — so why try? But, in a sense, we do. In the American … Continue reading

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It’s Not Abnormal to Want to Be Alone

The American corporate/entertainment society has a difficult time with people who want to be alone. “It’s abnormal to want to be alone!” we’re told. “You’re introverted and shy, anti-social and afraid of people.” (It’s odd how the opposite is considered … Continue reading

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Mind Control: The More You Read and Question, the Less It Happens

It’s easier to sit through a mindless movie than slog through a bad book. After all, most movies and TV shows demand little active brain involvement, so it’s possible (desirable, actually, from the perspective of the Media Myth Makers) to … Continue reading

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When Life Hurts, and We Feel Alone

Life is hard, and it frequently hurts — whether or not we are Christians. (We eclipse that fact, you know — many Christians act as if, because they know the story of Jesus and read about Him in the Bible, … Continue reading

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Alone Does Not Mean Lonely; and Lonely Does Not Mean Loser

I live in a society that is desperately afraid of being alone. So alarmed¬†are¬†we of solitude that we define normalcy by how many groups we belong to: “I go to church, Sunday School, and small groups.” “I volunteer through our … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day isn’t limited to what marketers and merchants make it — we can shape the day to one that fits our life and lifestyle. Continue reading

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